Imo State, The Supreme Good And Lack Of Conscience

By Rev. Fr. Ben Ogu

As of today, the students of government/public owned secondary schools in Imo State are in dire frustration, suspense and confusion, regarding the registration and siting for WAEC examination. The reason is the lingering crisis of strike in the state as a result of the unpaid salaries and other sundry arrears owed to the teachers who are left to wither away in hunger and penury while working for the government.

Does it matter to the government of the day if eventually the students of Imo state fail to register or sit for 2021 WAEC in its time? No sane ruler or regime with conscience would like that denting history. But do we have human conscience here? In civilized, conscience-guided and enlightened polity and nations, the deprivation of WAEC would be enough for regime resignation from office or ejection by the people. But do we have conscience-guided leadership? What is supreme in our polity is the supreme will to power and not the supreme good of power. And this is the tragedy of power.

While the people of the state are infuriated and saddened with deep sorrow that they were shortchanged by inexplicable swindling by a supreme Court rogue verdict, it is expected that their anger would have been at least, palliated and soothed by a good and compassionate governance. Yes, there was a day light Supreme court thievery. There is no argument as to the fact that the people of Imo state legitimately chose a person by legitimate election, which the Supreme Court illegitimately and fraudulently dethroned, usurped the power and enthroned their stooge with the most fraudulent verdict in the history of the civilized world. This is simply the logical generic basis for the term, “Supreme court governor”, meaning, one arbitrarily chosen and imposed by the supreme court without election. Nobody with sanity in his mind would contest for this branding of the present government of Imo state as “supreme Court government.”

But the problem of the people of the state today is no longer the way the regime was imposed and instituted, but the delivery of the dividend of the office. Their concern is no longer the Supreme Court shameful supreme verdict, but the supreme common good of governance. And education and the well-being of the people are the supreme good and pivotal to other things. Unfortunately, these too have been callously neglected and depleted.

It has been hinted that 31st of January is the last date of registration for WAEC before it enters late entry. Private and mission schools are already concluding the registration, while nothing is happening in the state’s government schools. How on earth would any government explain its credibility and justify itself and history, that in her regime, the citizens of the state did not sit for WAEC while it was sitting on power? This would be as outrageous and harrowing as the supreme Court verdict and no excuse is good enough to ameliorate this evil except the excuse of the lack of collective conscience.

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