‘All Eyes Will Be On The Owners Now’

BBC Sport reporter Simon Stone has been on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast this morning reflecting on last night’s Europa League final and what’s next for the defeated Manchester United team that lost to Villarreal and their manager who has won the Europa League for a record four times.

“Clearly Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is going to have to start next season well and he is going to have to convince people that Manchester United can be a success under him.

“But amidst all the swirl of media that’s been around the club and the ownership over the last few weeks, the eyes will be on the owners now to see whether they can deliver the funds and the players that Solskjaer and United need to truly be competing because although winning the Europa League would have been good, United were only in the Europa League because they weren’t good enough to stay in the Champions League and that’s not good really enough.”

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