COVID-19: Over 10million People Infected, Nearly Five Million Deaths Globally According To JHU

Latest update by the John Hopkins University (JHU), the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10,005,970 people have been infected with the disease, while 499,306 deaths have been recorded across 188 countries.

The United States has the highest number of confirmed cases with 2,510,323 patients and 125,539 fatalities. Brazil comes second with 1,313,667 cases and 57,070 deaths. With 633,542 infections, Russia occupies the third place, while 9,060 patients have died. India comes next with 528,859 cases and 16,095 deaths. The United Kingdom is fifth on the table with 311,739 cases and 43,598 deaths.

In Africa, South Africa tops the chart with 131,800 infections and 2,413 deaths. Egypt follows with 63,923 confirmed cases and 2,708 deaths. Nigeria comes next with 24,567 infections and 565 deaths.

Most of the countries have placed big cities on lockdown, closing their borders. But there is a gradual of easing of the lockdown in some regions. There is no approved vaccine for the disease yet. But there are ongoing drug trials, which offer hope for protection against the disease.

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