COVID-19: US President Set To Announce Travel Ban On Brazil

*Tough-talking President of US, Donald Trump

According information by AFP, the United States President Mr. Donald Trump is determined to announce a travel ban from Coronavirus (COVID-19)-hit Brazil. The hint came from Robert O’Brien, a top aide to Trump.

“I think that we’ll have a new travel decision today with respect to Brazil and just like we did with the United Kingdom, Europe and China, and we hope that’ll be temporary,” Robert O’Brien, the US national security advisor, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation. But because of the situation of Brazil, we are going to take every step necessary protecting American people,” he said.

The United States had previously cut off travel from China, Europe and Britain as the number of COVID-19 positive virus surged in those countries. Brazil has emerged as the latest COVID-19 hot spot, second only to the United States in the number of cases and with a death toll that has surpassed 22,000 infected people.


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