Eddie Murphy Releases Coming-2-America Preview

Amazon Studios has unveiled the first trailer for “Coming 2 America,” which sees the return of American superstar, Eddie Murphy as the charming Prince Akeem.

We gathered that in the upcoming sequel, Prince Akeem, who is set to become the king of the fictional country of Zamunda, finds out he has a son he never knew about — a street-savvy Queens native, Lavelle. To honour the former king’s dying wish to raise his grandson as the crown prince, Akeem and his younger brother, Semmi, once again leave for America, Variety.com reports.

The 1988 “Coming to America,” directed by John Landis, introduced Murphy as a young royal who moves to New York City to escape an arranged marriage. Murphy’s co-stars James Earl Jones and Arsenio Hall will also reprise their roles as King Jaffe Joffer and Semmi, respectively. Originally set for release in theatres from Paramount Pictures, the film’s distribution rights were sold to Amazon Studios in October due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

American actor and comedian, Arsenio Hall recently spoke about the key ingredient that makes the sequel work.

“What I love most is we didn’t lose the main agenda, the humour. It’s a funny movie, and I’m proud that we hit all those bumps and checked all those boxes. It’s funny—it does everything you need it to do, but it’s also funny, and I think people will love the additions to it. There are some surprises here that will surprise people who don’t get surprised,” Hall said.

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