Enugu First Lady Enrols 1,701 Expectant Mothers On Health Insurance, Launches Mama Care Initiative

Wife of the Enugu State governor, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, Tuesday, launched the “Mama Care Initiative” where 1,701 pregnant women were enrolled on a one-year health insurance premium.

Mrs. Mbah, who also gave out financial support and foodstuffs to the expectant mothers drawn from the 17 local government areas of the state, said that Mama Care, which is an initiative of the Office of the Wife of the Governor of the Enugu State and her pet project, the Custos Care Foundation, was aimed at boosting government’s effort to eradicate maternal and infant mortality from the state.

This was even as the Commissioner for Health, Enugu State, Prof Emmanuel Obi, described the gesture as a major millage for the Governor Peter Mbah’s many initiatives to bring government closer to the grassroot through the construction of 260 Type 2 Primary Healthcare Centres, many of which are already nearing completion.

Throwing more light on the Mama Care Initiative, Mrs Mbah said, “Too often, the joy of pregnancy is overshadowed by the fear and uncertainty brought about by financial constraints, leading many women to seek the services of traditional birth attendants. While these attendants have served their communities for generations, the realities of modern healthcare necessitate a shift towards facilities, equipped to handle the complexities of childbirth.

“Through the Mama Care Initiative, we are taking decisive action to bridge this gap by paying for a one-year health insurance premium for 1,701 pregnant women across our 17 local government areas, ensuring that 100 women from each L.G.A will have access to comprehensive healthcare services, which includes not only antenatal care but also the safe and supervised conditions necessary for delivery in our hospitals and healthcare centres.

“Our vision is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in our state significantly. It is unacceptable that in this era, women should lose their lives giving birth or that infants should not survive their first days due to preventable complications.

“We aim to provide our mothers with the security and support they need to bring new life into the world safely and healthily. This commitment is to the welfare and healthcare of our mothers and children in Enugu State.

“The Mama Care Initiative is designed to provide essential services such as prenatal and postnatal care, nutritional support, health education, and access to medical resources. It will bring essential medical services directly to our communities, ensuring that even the most remote areas benefit from the expertise and care of our dedicated healthcare professionals.

“By combining the provision of health insurance with proactive medical outreach, we are creating a robust support system for our expectant mothers. It is a health intervention and pledge of support to every woman in Enugu State, a promise that we see you, hear you, and are committed to standing by you through one of the most critical phases of your life.

“We encourage all our pregnant mothers to utilize these services, to attend their antenatal appointments diligently, take your routine drugs religiously and to choose hospitals or healthcare centres for childbirth. Your health and the health of your baby are paramount.”

Mrs. Mbah equally announced the distribution of 1,701 bags of rice in addition to financial support to the pregnant women to support the nutritional needs of both the mothers and their unborn babies. “We understand the importance of proper nutrition for both mother and child, and we are here to ensure that you have the resources needed to thrive”, she added.

Speaking, the Commissioner for Health, Prof Emmanuel Obi, recalled that Mrs. Mbah had settled the medical bills of so many pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as enrolled many Enugu women on health insurance before now, and urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the opportunity by religiously presenting themselves for professional care at the health facilities.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Amarachi Osita, thanked Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah for her foundation for their benevolence, noting that “now all my worries are gone.”

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