Good Governance Is Not Rocket Science: The Alex Otti Example

By Chioma Julia Green-Amakwe

Being a technocrat, Alex Otti assembled and is still assembling technocrats who are willing to work with him to restore the Enyimba City to its past glory. In fact, Abia is now working, all thanks to Dr. Alex Chioma Otti.

The Abia State power project which had been abandoned by previous administrations is now a reality. Abia now has a new lease of life and businesses are returning to the State, in line with Dr. Alex Otti’s desire and commitment for Aba to be an investment destination, comparable to the likes of Dubai, Singapore, etc.

The once abandoned and dilapidated Ariaria International Market currently under rehabilitation is now a beautiful sight to behold with elevators installed just like in any modern market. By the time the Administration of Alex Otti is done with the market, it would be one of the most modern markets comparable only to the best in Africa.

Alex Otti gave priority to the payment of the salary arrears of Civil Servants in the State. Within a few months of taking office, as governor, he ensured that salaries and allowances of civil servants which had been unpaid for years were all cleared. Pensioners whose gratuities and pensions had been withheld since 2014 were gradually paid, and no person who worked for the state and retired is being owed anything. Currently civil servants as well as pensioners, respectively, receive their salaries before the 30th of every month, and he has also made it a policy that these civil servants and pensioners get their salaries before political appointees.

The questions, then are: Where and how did Otti manage to get the monies to do all these, when previous governors always complained of lack of resources? And within one year? How is he able to bring such sanity to Abia, especially Aba, the Enyimba City within such a short time? How is he able to achieve so much, within such a short time? Is Alex Otti a magician? Question upon question!

The answer is simple: willingness and audacity to do right, compassion, selflessness, empathy, patriotism, focus, and vision. In fact, Alex Otti during his election campaign promised the good people of Abia that if they voted him into office as the Executive Governor of the state, his government would be a government for the people.

True to his words and promises, he has told the people of Abia to relax and enjoy because it is now their turn to experience and enjoy true governance. Abians are now breathing fresh, cool air of good governance. Indeed, good governance is not rocket science! Alex Otti has proved that.

  • Mrs. Green-Amakwe wrote from Abuja

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