Leave To Live: Adaeze, Another Beautiful Soul Lost To Domestic Violence!

By Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

When Barrister Adaeze Destiny Ikpeama got married to Anthony Elvis Ikpeama in 2014, little did she know that the institution she looked forward to enjoying would cut her life journey short. Immediately the marriage was sealed, the man Adaeze got married to turned into a beast by turning the Madonna trained lawyer into a punching bag.

Even when relatives from both sides intervened several times by pleading with Anthony to stop beating his wife, if not for anything, she is the mother of her kids and her partner, the man was obtuse as he continued to beat the poor girl any time he was not in a good mood.

Two days ago, another round of beating started and this time around, it was very intense, which eventually ended up taking her life. That Adaeze was six months pregnant was not enough to stop him in his track rather it intensified the beating of the poor girl. His focus was the tummy as he was punching her six months pregnant tummy with ‘righteous’ anger and all the energy he could muster. He did not stop till she gave up and went into a coma but that is not the full story.

When Adaeze went into coma and was rushed to the hospital by her good neighbours who came to her aid, Anthony followed them to the hospital and immediately she was admitted and oxygen was placed on her to resuscitate her, the husband went to her bedside and then removed the oxygen mask. That was how Adaeze suffered cardiac arrest and died.

A good Samaritan alerted other Madonna trained lawyers based in Lagos of what had befallen one of their own and mentioned that the vile husband is in hiding after killing his wife. My good man Okekearu Chukwuezugo Kingsley swung into action by rallying our colleagues in Lagos immediately the sad news was relayed to them, to get justice for one of us who was brutally murdered by the husband.

Police AIG in charge of Lagos was informed and Oga AIG was gracious enough to provide policemen that assisted in arresting the alleged murderer. Happy to announce that Anthony Ikpeama was arrested this morning after he was tracked to his hideout in Ajah Lagos.

Such a sad story and I hope that the husband who killed her will be sentenced to death. Beautiful Adaeze left behind, two handsome boys who are still young to understand or comprehend what happened to their mother. May her soul rest in peace.

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