Nigeria Is A Failed State Under You, Middle Belt, Others Tell Buhari

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari who is accused of having failed Nigerians

Concerned by the unabated killings in the Southern Kaduna and other parts of the northern parts of Nigeria, the Middle Belt Forum  (MBF) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign as Nigeria has failed under his leadership and that of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The call is coming less than 24 hours after the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), raised the alarm that the country is dying under Buhari’s watch. The PDP also called for Buhari’s resignation. MBF national president, Dr Bitrus Pogu, who made the call in an interview with Sunday Tribune, said Buhari has failed and the country under him has become a failed state.

Pogu was angry at the seeming lethargy on the part of the president in addressing the various killings that have been going on in the country.  He urged Nigerians to rise up and support the Senate’s call for the sack of the service chiefs who he said are being retained by President Buhari despite their “dismal performance.”

“Nigeria has to rise up and support the Senate. Let the president do the needful or leave because he has failed. What we have in this country now is a failed state,” Pogu said. He accused President Buhari of supporting aggressors who go  about killing the people of the Middle Belt in the Southern part of Kaduna and other parts of the North in “a calculated  attempt to displace the natives and take over their land.”

Pogu noted that the insecurity in parts of the North affecting mainly the Middle Belt people bears the imprimatur of an orchestrated Northern agenda to exterminate the Middle Belt. “The attackers in Southern Kaduna want to grab and they are using all excuses to kill us and the government seems to be on their side, given the statements from the likes of  Governor el-Rufai, Graba Shehu and all these characters.

“We don’t know if the North has an ulterior motive in the long run, something like chase away the Middle Belters. I don’t know, but the whole thing is condemnable. “It is not only in southern Kaduna, but these killings are all over. It is unfortunate that the head of government is a Fulani, a man who made promises before he was elected and before the 2019 election campaigned with the mantra ‘next level.’ Is the ‘next level’ about exterminating people and taking over their lands?” he queried.

He called for an overhaul of the security architecture of the country, adding that it was an embarrassment that President Buhari is retaining the service chiefs despite their “dismal performance.” “All that matters in the security circles are from one side of the country and from the same religion and are not performing, yet the president is still keeping them,” he said.

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