Post-COVID-19 Hospitality: Olufemi Talabi, Citiheight Chairman Reassures Customers

*External front view of Citihight in Ikeja area of Lagos State

By Opeyemi Okoli

As the country prepares for business resumption following the shutdown occasioned by the dawn of the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Mr. Olufemi Talabi, the Chairman of Citiheight Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos has assured its teaming customers of its new post-COVID-19 protocols, which guarantees their safety once the hotel opens for business on June 19, 2020. The Lagos State government has given operators the green light to that effect.

In a communication to their customers, which was made available to our reporter by one Mrs. Oluchukwu Nwauzor, a customer of the hotel, the Chairman said its clientele need not fear as they have ensured that all protocol regarding running a post-COVID-19 hospitality destination as spelt out by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) have been met ahead of resumption.

The communication reads in parts, “We are grateful for the trust, which you have reposed in us over the years and wish to reassure you that Citiheight Hotel will always place great premium on security, health and safety of our guests and associates. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to raise our standards to an even higher level with enhanced health and safety protocols being introduced to meet up with the current challenges.”

The hotel also shared with its patrons some of the steps they have taken to reassure its guests that they are up to the task of the inherent demands, which has also made the hotel to elevate its standard of cleanliness that has changed its hospitality norms.

Again, he said, “We have set up a group consisting of our managers and external experts in food, water safety, hygiene and infection prevention to develop a new internationally accepted hospitality cleanliness standards, norms and behaviors. These standards are being implemented in our hotel and we shall continue to fine tune them as we progress in the fight against COVID-19.

“In conformity with the recommendations of the NCDC and the World Health Organisation (WHO), we have introduced the use of ULV electronic fogging machine in spraying highest grade of disinfectants to sanitise surfaces throughout the hotel. Compulsorily, we regularly wipe down with sanitiser remote controls, seats at our reception, door handles, elevator buttons, hand railings, front desk, key card, POS machines and other most-touched areas. Our rooms are disinfected before they are allocated to new occupants.”

“When you arrive at our hotel reception now, you will find markings made on our marble floor indicating appropriate distances expected between our guests. You will also notice throughout the hotel, sanitiser stations – we enjoin you to kindly make use of the sanitisers as often as necessary. Also, at the hotel entrance, we have installed wash hand basin with automatic water tap and soap dispenser for your use. In the overall interest of our esteemed guests and our team we shall be taking the temperature of our guests and associates with an infra-red thermometer to, at least, be assured that there is no manifestation of COVID-19.”

The Chairman also stated that going forward, wearing of face masks has also been made compulsory while in the premises of Citihights. He added, “Whilst in the public areas, our team members and guests will be expected to wear, at all times, face masks. The hotel will provide face masks in the event that a guest does not have one.

“COVID-19 has really come to disrupt the way we live our lives but what is certain is that a solution will be found somehow to either eradicate it or, we live and manage with it. In the meantime, we should continue to keep safe and live well. When we fling our doors open come June 19, 2020, our team will be ready and willing to ensure your safety whilst with us so that you can unwind without worries,” Talabi concluded.

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