Pray Now Or Have Your Blood Shed Later

By Ubani Kingsley

I was working on some documents in my office this morning, (the 6th day of May, 2021). Exactly at 9:25a.m, the Lord Jesus Christ entered my office. His countenance was saturated with sorrow like one who is bereaved of His loved ones. The moment I saw Him, I became afraid. Then He said to me, “Son, I am in deep pains. The reason is that what God have been warning my people about for a long time is almost taking place.

For a very long time – more than two years now, God have been warning Christians in Nigeria to pray seriously against the islamisation of Nigeria, but they did not take it very serious except very few. They relaxed and were fighting themselves. They don’t realised that they were besieged by their enemies, even in their churches, their enemies have spies who report regularly to them with information about what the Christians are doing.

Now, the Islams are ready to take over Nigeria. They are set for actions while my people are relaxing and concentrating on their businesses. They love their monies more than their lives. Those who were killed, do they still do their businesses?

Christians in Nigeria should know that their enemies have marked them for death. While their enemies are busy equipping themselves, Christians are busy talking about their businesses and investments. They monitor their monies in the banks, but they don’t even keep watch over their environments at nights. They believed that God is watching over them daily, which is correct, but God cannot pray to Himself. It is the responsibilities of the Christians to watch and use their findings during the watch hours to pray to God for defence and other things.

If effectual and consistent prayers are not made over what is happening in Nigeria currently, before the year 2021 ends, Nigeria will become a global center of news headlines because what will happen in Nigeria will shake and as well affect the whole countries in the world.

Son, I know that some Christians are still praying, but the reason I came to you now is because the next stage of attacks on the communities and states in Nigeria cannot be controlled by the security agencies. Churches are going to be burnt down and clergies will be killed. More security agencies will be killed for defending lives and property. There will be an unspeakable and unexplainable confusions everywhere, I Jesus Christ, said, everywhere and not in some places. Banks and other offices will be shut down including major market centers in the country. Fuel stations will be burnt including other properties. All these are targeted to the actualisation of the Islamisation and disruption of national peace in the country.  And if such happens, Christianity will be converted to Islam – what that means is that Christians will be forced to become Muslims. It has already started gradually but the next is that there is going to be massive killing in the Christian communities and a lot of people who will become Muslims so that they will not be killed.

My people should rise up and cry to God in prayer and fasting for 120 days. The prayer should be from 6am to 3pm daily. This is because God wants to glorify Himself in Nigeria. No person should say that it does not concern him or his church. This is because when the time of the enemies comes, it will concern every person both young and old, rich and poor, educated and illiterate – everybody.

Then He continued, “My people should start this prayer from 1st June to 28th September 2021.

The prayers points should focus on God’s intervention on Nigeria and God’s vengeance on the enemies of Christians and haters of national peace in the country. They can do it individually or in groups. Churches can set out their time to gather for the prayers.  Those who can go beyond the general time of fasting and prayer should go ahead. This prayer includes children like in the days of Prophet Jonah and the people of Nineveh. Children should be given fasting and prayer according to their age and health status. Adults above 60 years should fast according to their strength and age and this includes people who are having health challenges. And after the prayer, the result will glorify God.

But if my people fail to prayer, 1st October 2021 will become an unforgettable day in the history of Nigeria because unconsolable tears will flow in states of the country like it has never happened since the independent of the country. I, Jesus Christ, sent this warning from God this morning on this day May 6th, 2021.

My hands are free from the blood of Christians in Nigeria. This is same way God warned the churches in Turkey, but they took it for granted. When I was sent by God and I gave them the warning before they were destroyed, I washed my hands from their blood as I gave them the message for them to know how serious it was. Yet, they relaxed, and their enemies conquered them.

The same is what I am doing here. I wash my hands off the blood of Christians. If they like they should take the instruction serious or ignore it. I Jesus Christ have done what God who is my father said that I should do,” Says Jesus Christ.

This message is from God’s servant, Apostle Ubani Kingsley C. WhatsApp: 08091960938

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