REVOLUTIONNOW Protest: Nigerians On Social Media Disagree With Femi Adesina

Adesina, President Buhari’s image maker

President Muhamadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has attracted the anger of Nigerians on social media as his comments has been trending on Twitter.

Adesina, who described members of the RevolutionNow protests, which was held in different parts of the country as an ‘irritation,’ did not go down well with Nigerians. The government of Buhari and the All Progressive Congress (APC) party had promised Nigerians a new idea in governance, which was why Nigerians ganged up with the APC to chase away the government of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led then by the former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Recall media reports, which gave a graphic of how security operatives scuttled the protests and arrested some protesters across the country. But rather than manage the communication well knowing how angry Nigerians have become with the Buhari administration, Adesina in an interview with Channels television earlier in the week said it was laughable to call such protest a revolution as revolution protests by their nature are meant to turn the normal order.

He said: “What happened yesterday (Wednesday) was just an irritation. They are just a sprinkle of people trying to be funny. As far as I am concerned it is nothing to be concerned about. When you talk of revolution, it is always a mass team not those sprinkles of young boys and girls we saw in different parts of the Country. I think it is just a funny thing to call it a revolution protest. I stand by my statement that what we saw was child’s play. In a country of 200 million people, if you see that sprinkle of people saying they are doing a revolution match then it was like a child’s play.”

He added, “Revolution are points well known. It is something that turns the normal order. What happened yesterday was just an irritation.” Apparently angered by the statement of Adesina, Nigerians in the micro-blogging space took to the platform to ridicule the presidential spokesman.

Here are some of the tweets:

Offia-chukwu Cardinal @CardinalSparrow writes: “#RevolutionNow is child’s play but your inept government sent unruly minions to scatter it. Femi Adesina, I pray for you, you must live beyond 2023 so that this political leverage that is blinding you will leave you.”

Ali Faagba@contentmints writes: “In as much as the US warning about ISIS penetrating Nigeria is enough to cause panic, nothing is more worrisome than seeing Femi Adesina on Sun Rise Daily this morning talking energetically about RevolutionNow protesters and nothing about insecurity.”

Juwon George@citizenjuwon writes: “Femi Adesina’s statement today is a subtle call by the presidency for people to adopt more terroristic approach to issues affecting them, so that it won’t be regarded as child’s play in future.”

Adedeji_@ADEDEJIARIYO1 writes: “Lol, News Blog that didn’t show What happened at #RevolutionNow protests are now reporting what Femi Adesina is saying…..Ohh, I nearly forgot the government newspapers need clarification before the post some news.”

Ositadimma@Ositadinma15 writes: “The only reason why this Fulani terrorists mask wearing gov allowed this useless tvshow #BBNaijia to go on is completely to divert the attention of their useless and gullible youths from the Evils going on in the Gov! “IRRITATING” that’s why Femi Adesina can call them irritants.”

Olanrewaju Yusuf Muhammed @Olamirewaju22 writes: “who knows Femi Adesina. @femishina Tag him to this post and tell him I said he’s a fool, cretin, opportunist and a bastard. He should look for me wherever I am. He referred to peaceful protesters as kids, and some set of people. May peace of mind be far away from him.”

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