RIP Deep State America!

By Duruebube Oblong

All the missiles for Iran, the vaccines for the Third World and Terrorist coordinators in the Middle East and Africa have lost their relevance and will remain dead when Joe Biden is finally defeated. The American Deep State wrecked the Third World countries with wars, bombings, terrorists, bandits and armed militias.

The whole Sahel is on fire because of what Obama’s administration did to Africa. Are you talking about the killing of 11,000 West Africans in 2014 using Ebola? The USA has the patent of Ebola. We have not forgotten that about 3,000 Special Forces were sent to Liberia during the Ebola outbreak by Obama. To do what? Fight Ebola? No ooo! To protect the lab that manufactured the virus. Go to YouTube, type in “Securityafrica” (ensure its one word) you will see videos that reveal what the Deep State is doing in Africa.

Donald Trump has stopped the funding of Africa’s depopulation, forced the Gulf countries to stop funding groups like Boko Haram and other fundamentalists. He has also stopped the Regime Change Agenda of the Third World countries, which has produced massive infrastructural destruction (check out Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc), deaths, massive refugees and destabilisation of poor nation states. He has told the Deep State, he will not want to interfere in the affairs of other nations, America First. I can go on and on.

Those who make money from running refugee camps are out of jobs. Those who infect third world countries with viruses in the name of vaccination, no more jobs. Those who make money from wars, no jobs. Those who wanted to destroy the African youths by turning them to gays and transgender people, no jobs. I never believed that Trump would defeat the planners of COVID-19, but he did with the surprise growth of the American economy announced in his last broadcast.

Where is Bill Gates? Where is the World Health Organisation (WHO?) The man has unmasked the wickedness lying in wait for the poor Third World countries. Who could have stopped them? In Nigeria, the bill had already passed second reading expeditiously.

Who could have unmasked CNN as a fake news organisation except Trump? Ted Turner was bragging years back, how the world population must be reduced. He never knew that God would use Trump to scatter their plans. They are really mad with Trump for destroying their businesses and financial gains. Why wouldn’t they? Can you imagine the financial losses of projected income? Melinda Gates had boasted how dead bodies will litter the streets of Africa, because of COVID-19, God is sitting on the throne. Trump punctured that by exposing WHO.

The Deep State is so irritated that they have complained to witches to curse Trump, but Almighty God is greater than the forces of evil. The curses were returned back to the senders. Those who hate Trump are like those who hated Saddam and Gaddafi, only to realise that haters were just telling lies. Let enlighten you haters, the factories that were removed from the black communities in America after the death of Martin Luther King and Civil Rights Movement are gradually coming back. Let me give you a snippet of the whole conspiracy.

The Deep State realised that Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement was funded by the black factory workers. So, after his death, there was a plan to remove all those factories and Technical Colleges so that blacks can no longer be a force in America. Economic castration was put on the table. The factories were systematically removed and replace them with what? Churches! The black communities have the highest number of churches in America in their communities.

That programme was run by the CIA called “Faith Base Initiative Programme.” The churches were funded by the White House to weaken the minds of the black communities and keep them under check from re-forming the likes of any Civil Rights Movement of the past. The Civil Rights Movement terrified white America. The removal of the factories removed economic power from the black people. Can I tell you the good news? Under Trump, the factories are coming back, the Faith Based Initiative office in the White House is in coma.

Let me stop here. Let me advice Trump’s haters to go back to history and learn from history. When redeemers emerge, they are identified by the amount of hatred that follow them. Listen to this. When Jesus was born, just a baby, King Herod was tormented. He wanted to kill the child. Why? He identified him as a redeemer.

When Socrates emerged from the Greek State to speak the truth, the crowd of haters raised false charges against him, they gave him the hemlock, did it kill Socrates? Yes, he died in flesh but his killers and haters regretted killing him. When Jesus was taken before Pontius Pilate, his haters raised uncountable false charges against him, their hatred blinded them to all the good works he did, did they succeed in killing his name?

Gaddafi took Libya to a dizzying height of prosperity and comfort with huge external reserve, massive infrastructure, when his haters gathered and raised uncountable false charges, did they kill him? Libyans are regretting it today. I remember a lot of my friends calling me names for backing a “dictator”. I told them that the haters of Gaddafi were a bunch of ignorant people who were listening to CNN. Today, I am right.

Donald Trump is irritating the “Pharisees” a lot and that’s why they are taking him to Pontius Pilate. But this time around, he will be set free, as always. He will be there for eight years to destroy the Deep State finally and free the world of the evils of darkness. Witches have failed, House of Representatives have failed, the Clintons failed, CNN has failed, CIA have failed, Bill Gates and WHO have failed. Haters, can’t you throw in the towel?

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