Uzodinma: An Endless Search For Those To Sink With

By Collins Opurozor

Through his misdeeds, man always weaves a fate for himself. Religious people, those who seek to teach the things that exist outside of our immediate understanding, have tried to explain this. In his epistle to the Galatians, the Biblical Paul wrote, “Do not be deceived, for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap.” The Eckankar agrees to this, and describes it as Karma, while the author of the Grail Message, that church where you always see beautiful flowers and pure white buildings, Oscar Bernhardt, who changed his name to Abdrushin, still enacted and promulgated it as “The Law of Reciprocal Action”.

But even a fated man always attempts to completely dodge the consequences of their actions by the use of scapegoats. Some also would seek out ways to make others share in their calamitous misfortunes. The latter has become true for the sacked Commissioners in Imo State. Lured by the hopes of lucre from a looted political mandate, they have been humiliated, bruised, and chased away with tears in their eyes. Do not rejoice at the prosperity of the wicked, for their end is destruction!

Those who are fated to doom are not happy people. Oedipus Tyrannus was not a happy character. Do not expect Hope Uzodinma to be. They know what awaits them. Lost in the sea of afflictions, they are constantly in search of those to sink with. Be careful, so that you do not become one. Ananias was the sinner, but Sapphira committed the sin of association. Separate yourself from the evildoers, so that you are not caught in the web of damnation.

A week ago, Hope Uzodinma visited Imo from Abuja. He went to the Chapel, and while speaking, he looked into the faces of his Commissioners, whom he has now sacked, and called them various unprintable names. He began by hinting that from his position as ruler, he could see and know better than anyone else. So, after describing them as enablers of terrorism, and as moles whose words and deeds aid acts of terror, he further presented them as greedy folks who have been angling to loot the treasury of Imo State.

Uzodinma finally swore that in a matter of days they would be exiled from the State. Those were his words to his own appointees. Those were the tags he hung around their necks before their shameful dismissal. Till the end of time, society will see them as what they have been called by their principal, the man who knows them best, Uzodinma.

Immediately they were all fired on Wednesday, the ex-appointees were treated like common criminals. Their vehicles were on the spot confiscated, and they sauntered away from the Government House in desultory shambles. One had even been attacked by hoodlums in the course of his duty, and on Wednesday he limped out from job tearfully.

These men are now hated by Imo people for being part of a regime of incontestable illegitimacy. They have also been abandoned like bad habits by their own principal, Uzodinma, and seen as worthless as discarded tissue paper. They have the society and God to face, and they will spend an eternity defending the reason they partook in a regime, which abbreviated the democratic aspirations of Imo people, aborted the electoral wishes of the people and stole their mandate through a judicial malfeasance.

They will walk about as moles, enablers of terror and as dupes, who were caught and exiled after failed attempts at public treasury. The fate that awaits Uzodinma in the end is already visited on these fellows, sinners by association. Those who Uzodinma will lure as replacements must realize that the same fate of scorn, disrepute and eventual doom awaits them.

Opurozor is a respected writer and keen political analyst from Imo State

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