2023 Presidential Election Report: Anambra Speaker Transmits Masses Message To EU Chief

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Despite the obvious antagonistic posture of Gov Chukwuma Soludo to the presidential aspiration of Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 25,2023, the Speaker of Anambra House of Assembly has taken delivery of letter of Commendation and Solidarity for the European Union, Election Observer Mission 2023 -EU EOM, Nigeria for their unbiased dispassionate report on the election.

Leading a group of representatives under the aegis of the Nigeria Patriots For Credible Elections and Good Governance, its President, Hon Christopher Okpala, and Comrade Emeka Obiora told journalists that they were very impressed with the reports of the EU mission on the Nigeria’s February 25, 2023.

The Group made up of representatives from various walks of life and professional background, according to Okpala “expresses and declares our solidarity and commendation to the EU- EOM for its untainted report…”

They also urged EU “to disregard the rantings of Bola Tinubu’s illegitimate administration, goons, and officials, because they are products of the terribly flawed elections, adjudged same by other local and international election observer teams.

“While Patriots for Credible Election and Good Governance expresses and declares our SOLIDARITY to EU EOM for the untainted report, also ask her to disregard the rantings of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, goons and officials, who majority of Nigerians see as illegitimate, because they are products of the terribly flawed elections, adjudged same by other local and international election observation teams.”

In its thirteen paragraph letter addressed to the EU’s election Chief Observer for Nigeria 2023, Barry Andrews, the group noted that,”…Since every right thinking individual values the place of peace, harmony, mutual and healthy inter-relationship, which makes the world a better living place, every of such individuals in positions and helms of affairs across the nations of the earth have always embraced, also enlisted their countries, voluntarily and willingly and signed membership into these Watch Dog- institutions; accepting reports and suggestions from such institutions and applying them when and where necessary, to aid the growth and improvement of the areas and sectors of their nation or economy where such reports were directed.

“The European Union Election Observer Mission EU EOM, with other credible institutions like UNESCO, UNDP, UNIDO have not reneged on their duties in offering suggestions, and most times also offering huge financial and material assistance, also intangible resources to many countries over the years, including Nigeria.

“These interventions are no doubt commendable and should be appreciated by all right-thinking persons and institutions; and while appreciating such gifts, beneficiaries should also accept and bulid-in advisories from such institutions into their nation’s building and development.

“Nigeria Patriots for Credible Elections and Good Governance, a nongovernmental organization, having taken time to peruse the report of the European Union Election Observer Mission on the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria, joins many Nigerians in commending the comprehensive report presented by the institution, which is aimed at improving our democratic process.

“Nigeria Patriots for Credible Elections and Good Governance uses this opportunity to call on the Federal government of Nigeria to accept the report as a working document, in other to improve on our future democratic process”.

The group further pointed out that ”its most unfortunate that the Federal Government under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidency, imposed on Nigerians by the heist, which the report of EU EOM punctured and rightly discredited, have unashamedly written off the report seen by many to be a true reflection of the 2023 general elections, yet, the same illegitimate government prides itself as peopled by ‘democrats and progressives’. A case of blowing hot and cold at same time, and speaking from both sides of the mouth.

“We therefore use this medium to condemn in its entirety the shamefully sponsored protest against the report by a certain group, who were at EU Headquarters, Abuja penultimate week, and calls on other patriotic Nigerians to condemn the sponsored protest; during which they insinuated that the impeccable report by the EU EOM will ‘set fire’ on Nigeria, which indeed makes one conclude that the group represents nothing and can only rightly be regarded as street urchins. Because any random simple survey so far shows that Nigerians globally are excited by the report, and cannot wait to see the election subverts, manipulators and rouges thrown out.

The Nigeria Patriots For Credible Elections and Good Governance wondered about “the yard stick used by any sane group who carried out such a protest at the UN Headquarters and sought to discredit the impeccable report that succinctly portrayed the sham elections the same way greater percentage of Nigerians also describe the February 25th ‘glitched’ presidential and national assembly elections and March 18th governorship and state houses of assembly rouge manipulations. But, hearing the so-called protesters threatening to set the country ablaze goes a long way to suggest, and we repeat that they were actually sponsored by the same APC government that inter-alia condemned the report; hence, we urge you not dignify them and their sponsor- politicians with any reply.

The group, while hugely commending the EU for remaining impeccable in its affairs and views, urged the Anambra State Assembly Speaker, Mr Somtochukwu Udenze to stand on the right side of the nation’s political history and formally convey their well-thought-out letter to the European Union Headquarters in Abuja on behalf of all the masses, true democrats and progressives.

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