$41.8million Dollars: No Money Missed From Enugu Coffers — Sen Nnamani

By Tony Adibe

A former Governor of Enugu state and Senator representing Enugu East in the Senate, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani has again dismissed as false the allegation that the sum of $41.8million dollars suddenly developed wings and flew away during his tenure as the Governor of the state.

He said the allegation was cooked up lie meant to rubbish his name and image by his accusers and political adversaries, stressing that his recent political activities were making them feel uncomfortable.

The ex-Governor stated: “I never met or inherited the sum $41.8million as Governor. Enugu State of 1999 to 2007 did not have $41.8m dollars to be stolen or embezzled”.

He said the allegation “is a mere imagination of my accusers and it is at best a beer parlor gossip because nothing of such happened under my watch as Governor of Enugu state”.

He further stressed that: “I maintain a residence in America and just came back after five weeks. The FBI is not looking for me and no assets of mine have ever been seized in the United States”.

Senator Nnamani also clarified that what his accusers were quoting was a mere complaint to the Dept of Justice associated with usual Interim Forfeiture after such complaints adding, “the Interim Forfeiture was discharged after Investigation and Judicial Review”.

He told his accusers to do something positive because accusing him falsely will not add value to anyone.

He said: “If my recent political activities make some people uncomfortable, they should know that democracy is a matter of choice. It is an open field; you choose your lane to play. Everyone has a choice; I deserve the right to choose my lane. I do not expect people to infringe on my right of choice.”

Senator Nnamani advised that the politics of 2023 should be played with every sense of responsibility and loyalty to the nation without bitterness,  pointing out that “all we strive for is a better Nigeria”.

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