Abuja Resident Laments Traffic Caused By President Tinubu’s Convoy

By NewsBits

A resident of Abuja has lamented the continuous artificial traffic caused by the convoy of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu every morning he goes to work in Abuja. The viral video posted on Wednesday showed a long line of cars waiting to get to their various destinations.

A male voice in the video said: “This is artificial traffic caused by President Tinubu, he lives in Asokoro, he has not moved to the villa yet and every morning while he comes to work, they block the road for like 30 minutes and when he is going beck home in the evening they also block the road for like 30 minutes.

“So you that is going to your office you get to stay on the road for like one hour just to wait for President Tinubu to go to work everyday, you can see the line, everyday it happens everyday, everyday, everyday. How do we continue like this because one man wants to go to work, he refuse to move into Aso Rock, he goes to work form his house he now has to block people from going to their own offices.

“Man, this is very bad, very bad, I have been here for 25 mins, and I am still going to wait again for another 20 minutes. Kai, Nigeria, it’s very absurd.”

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