Adebola Williams Awarded Choiseul 100 Africa Laureate For The 4th Year In A Row

 …Listed Top 100 Young Business Leaders in Africa

By NewsBits

Chairman of AW Networks and Co-Founder RED | For Africa, Adebola Williams has been named by Institut Choiseul, a Paris-based organisation dedicated to the analysis of contemporary strategic issues and international economic questions, as one of the Choiseul 100 Africa Laureates for the 4th consecutive year.

Choiseul 100 Africa is an annual list showcasing vibrant and innovative young leaders under 40 who continue to play a major role in Africa’s socio-economic development. The 2022 list tagged ‘Top 100 Young Business in Africa’ places a beaming spotlight on 100 of Africa’s most talented young leaders positively disrupting all sectors of the continent, displaying an enormous wealth of business savvy and intellectual prowess that will drive Africa towards a prosperous future.

“I am honoured to be selected in the #Choiseul100Africa 2022 ranking and recognised as one of the drivers of socio-economic development on the continent,” said Adebola Williams. “I’m delighted to be recognised with other notable personalities leading the vanguard for a new Africa and inspiring the next generation to create positive impact that accelerates the growth of the continent across sectors.”

Adebola Williams who has been profiled by Forbes and CNN as the man who helped elect a trifecta of Presidents in Africa, is strategic counsel to several CEOs and HNIs across the continent. His recently launched media investment company, AW Networks has in the last 10 months invested in two major African films in the cinemas and on Amazon Prime, and currently working on others set for release in Q1 2023. His new book African Power Girls which chronicle the lives of great African women is a must read for young girls on the continent.

“Often people do not acknowledge the power media wields in driving the forces that shape our world. We clearly recognise its impact, that’s why it remains the cornerstone of our drive to inspire youth, enable businesses, and create jobs,” Williams concluded.

Choiseul 100 Africa is a annual study conducted independently by the Institut Choiseul to evaluate the work and impact of promising individuals within the period under review. The organisation carries out this study through its various experts and specialists on the continent, resulting in a list of powerful and influential individuals that are reshaping the African economy.

Adebola Williams is the Chairman, AW Network and Co-founder of RED | For Africa, the continent’s largest portfolio of youth-focused media brands including Red Media Africa, StateCraft Inc., The Future Awards Africa, and Y!/

A pioneer at the intersection of media, democracy, and social change, Adebola has been profiled by Forbes and CNN as the man who helped elect a trifecta of Presidents in Africa. He co-founded Enough is Enough (EiE), Nigeria’s foremost civic participation platform and a premier voice for young people on politics. He later resigned as the board chairman to steer the rebranding of the current Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari through a re-aligned national discourse and optimized media engagement, changing longstanding perceptions and swaying the elections.

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