Afenifere, ADF, Others Eulogise Peter Obi At Book Launch

By NewsBits

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), Pan Yoruba Group, Afenifere, and other supporters of the Labour Party on Thursday eulogised the party’s Presidential Candidate of the party Peter Obi, at a book launch.

The launch of the 157-page book, titled “The Challenges of Good Governance and Leadership in Nigeria: The Peter Obi effect Factor”, was organised by the ADF.

The ADF National President, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala, who is the Chief Host, said the book, which was launched in honour of Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, was inspired by his humility and good works.

Nwala added that there is the need to rally round and support Peter Obi so that the future of Nigeria can be put in safe hands. The Chairman of the Occasion, Dr Oluwadurotimi Olulana, said the book would help do justice to the present Nigerian situation. He described Peter Obi as a humble man and that anyone saying he is pretending is wrong.

“Peter Obi is the Moses of our time. He is blessed and anointed to change the whole vices and I assure you that he and Datti will take us to the promised land,” he said.

Reviewing the book, Barrister Dele Farotimi said the book is a template for great development and expressed the hope that the book will continue to be reviewed for years to com. He said the book is also about how the Ndigbo look at the Nigerian state and it intends to examine peculiar challenges.

“The first chapter of the book talks about Peter Obi as a leader and not a ruler. This he has eloquently exhibited as a charismatic leader while he was Governor. The second chapter talks about the philosophy of good governance and leadership. Our leaders are far removed from the people, but Peter Obi sees himself as connected with the people and this book recalls that.

“People often believe that revolution should be about violence but it’s not. Sometimes, it comes like the attire Peter Obi usually puts on. Peter Obi understands the urgency and the need to save Nigeria,” he said.

Mrs Clara Eromosele, the secretary, Peter Obi Good Governance Advocate, said supporters of Peter Obi are not doing enough to own the country.

Eromosele, who represented Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed at the book launch, said supporters should do more than talking but get their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs).

“If you don’t have a PVC then volunteer to monitor polling units. Don’t give up and don’t bow to threats, it is time to take our country back. To contribute your quota to making Nigeria great again, we need to make up our mind to support Peter Obi beyond just winning the election,” she said.

Eromosele further urged supporters of Peter Obi to represent him well and be good ambassadors both online and offline. Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Afenifere Leader, also urged supporters of Peter Obi to actively participate in making him the next President of Nigeria.

“It is no longer a tea party. Those who are there do not want to leave but we will kick them out. I want your action, don’t let the opponents intimidate you. Make sure you get people into the ‘Obidient’ movement everyday. Make sure you vote as an eligible voter and make their money useless that day.

“I have found in Peter Obi a person that would cool me down for a better tomorrow. Your future is in your hands and your positive action will make Peter Obi the next President,” he said.

The Father of the Day, Dr Uma Oke Eleazu, said Peter Obi is a symbol of good governance and enjoined all his supporters to make themselves available when it’s time to vote. Eleazu enjoined everyone to take charge and support Peter Obi, adding that the challenges before Peter Obi is formidable but not insurmountable.

The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr Nze Johnpaul, said since our national problems did not know religion, ethnicity, or political colouration, then the solution should not be found along same lines.

He said Peter Obi is so passionate to see Nigeria rise again at no personal gain that he advised the people not to accept him because of his origin, but on the basis of his competence.

“In the light of all these, we make bold to announce that we have found a man with integrity, capacity and competence to lead Nigeria. The man who has no structure but the common man, has volunteered to be the structure. The man who has not assumed office but has changed the face of electoral democracy in Nigeria and that man is Mr. Peter Gregory Obi,” he said.

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