After Retirement, Serena Williams Hints At Possible Return To Tennis

Serena Williams may be on her way back to the court from which she recently retired if indications are anything to go by. She hinted on Wednesday that she could possibly come out of retirement as Tom Brady did and do what she enjoys doing most.

Said Williams on ‘Good Morning America’: “I mean, you never know, I’ve just been saying that I think Tom Brady started a really cool trend. You know?” Serena laughed as she made the remark, but there was at least a hint of seriousness in the way she spoke to the hosts of the show about her future.

Serena naturally ended her professional career about two weeks ago when she retired after a strong showing at the U.S. Open. She seened to be content at that meeting ment to put the racket away, but on Wednesday, she made it sound as though there might still be some tennis itch that has to be scratched in the future.

Remarked she: “I do know that I love the sport so much. I love the game. I love everything about it. It’s just been such a light in my life that I definitely want to keep some sort, something involved in there”.

Williams did not clarify, though, whether that meant participating in the game in some other way or returning to the court to play. Added Williams: “I feel like tennis has given me so much, and I feel like there’s no way I don’t want to be involved in tennis somehow in the future. I don’t know what that involvement is yet”.

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