An Open Letter To Nigerian Northerners

Dear North,

Below are the photographs of nine SARS Officers accused of killing innocent Nigerians. The suspects and the victims are all southerners. The SARS officers are not Muslims. The Media company exposing the story is a southern media company.

Today, we have a collective reasonable decision coming from the Southern Youths demanding for justice for the victims of SARS oppressors, demanding adjustments, and reform of the Nigerian Police Force. The beautiful part of it was when the protest erased ethnicity, political and religious differences.

The concerned southern governors and their state assembly members supported the staged protest. The Vice president of Nigeria Osinbajo, Speaker Federal house of representative Femi and most southern celebrities supported the protest. All because they want sanity in their region, because they meant well for themselves and that they are quick to identify with any challenge disturbing their peace. You guys have earned my respect. I’ve seen the reason you all want to get separated from Nigeria. I am humbly impressed. You really have a good reason.

Welcome To The North 

In the North, it is prohibited to criticise government, if the president is a Northerner and a Muslim. In the North, it is forbidden to demand for your own safety against Boko Haram, Bandits, Rapist, Kidnappers ravaging the North if the president is a Northerner. Muslim Northern Army General was kidnapped and killed in the North. Other top Military Muslim Northern officers were killed in the North by Northerners.

Assistant Commissioner of police kidnapped, DPO kidnapped, DSS officials kidnapped. All the above atrocities were perpetrated by Northerners in the North. Countless innocent poor villages killed and ransacked by killer bandits and Boko Haram.

Yet, we all sleep well and wake up normal as if nothing is wrong in the North, because the president is a Northerner and a Muslim. The only right you have as a Northerner is to keep quiet, sit down, get killed and blame foreigners and southerners for the odious incidents being perpetrated by our own people upon our own people.

In the North we are not protesting because the President is our own (Northerner, Hausa Fulani and a Muslim) but we all agreed that we are being killed on a daily basis by our own people in our own villages and cities within the North. Religious leaders know how bad we are hit in the North, but they are quick to give defense to the failed government.  Once you protest against the failed government and demand for justice, you will be be wrongly profiled.

The killings in the south is less than 1% of the total sum of 100% of the killings in the North. But they have beautifully organised themselves, conducts themselves and demand for Justice for their people against their own people (Mind You, all lives are the same). This is the story of the North, the home of cowards and careless educated youths, the home of ignorance and negligence. My heart is actually bleeding right now.

©️Abdullahi Ibrahim Jos

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