APC Governor’s Wife Says Tinubu Putting Nigerians Through Scary, Difficult Times

By NewsBits

Bamidele Abiodun, the Ogun first lady, has lamented that President Bola Tinubu is putting Nigerians through a difficult and scary period in the country’s history as the petrol price hit the roof and the naira continues to reel in a free fall.

“We are going through a period now in our country that is very, very trying. It is very, very scary. As one of the pastors has said, even the wealthy, they are afraid. How much more the people that don’t have?” said the wife of Governor Dapo Abiodun.

Ms Abiodun added, “We all know how much we were buying petrol three or four months ago. We all know how much petrol is today and we also know that it is not even steady yet.”

She warned, “It may still be going up, and we know the cost of fuel once it goes up, it affects every aspect of our life, the cost of food goes up, the cost of everything goes up.”

The Ogun governor’s wife was also worried about the naira’s free fall, urging Nigerians to rely on God for survival. Upon assumption of office, Mr Tinubu took harsh economic decisions that plunged the country into economic chaos and pushed his compatriots deeper into poverty.

Prices of foodstuffs and transport fares have skyrocketed, with the Tinubu regime providing no palliatives to cushion the effect. There are reports of potential looting of the N500 billion that Mr Tinubu said he earmarked to alleviate Nigerians’ untold hardships.

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