Ban On Female University Education By Taliban: Islam Has Got Nothing With It Says Hawwah Gambo

By NewsBits

A House of Representatives candidate, Hajiya Hawwah Gambo has heavily criticised the Afghanistan Taliban-led government over the recent ban on female university education in their country.

Gambo who spoke in an interview in Kaduna State, blasted the Afghans government for using Islam as a shield to justify what they are doing, and insisted that ‘’Islam has got nothing to do with banning female education.’’

Responding to question on recent ban on university education for female in some parts of the world, the journalist -turned politician said, “It is a big shame really. I don’t think the Afghanistan government know what they are doing.

“They absolutely have no idea of what they are doing. There’s a saying that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, that’s exactly what’s manifesting in the Taliban Afghanistan. They are just using Islam as a shield to justify whatever it’s they are doing but Islam has got nothing to do with what they are doing.

“Because the first injunction instruction the prophet was given, which he gave his followers when he started ministering was Read. Read in the name of the lord, and that injunction did not say only men should read, and women should not read. No! It says every believer must seek knowledge.

“Now as mothers of the society. A man cannot give birth but only a woman. And woman must raise that child with breast milk. At least, for the first five months the child must be with the mother. So, if the mother is not educated on how to take care of that child, is it not a problem? So, they don’t know what they are doing but just being power drunk.

“And I think it is a shame, I pray to God Allah to open their eyes to realize that they made wrong decision so that they will reverse it. Women are social builders. If you suppress them2, you suppress the entire society”, she lamented.

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