British council announces 2nd edition of the city’s biggest architectural showcase

open house

Open House Lagos celebrates buildings, places and spaces where we live, work and play. It provides an opportunity to see, explore and learn about Lagos’ amazing architecture and design.

Open House Lagos announces the second edition of the festival which kickstarts on Saturday, April 29 and ends on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Open House Lagos 2017 Press ConferenceplayOjoma Ochai (Pulse)

Speaking at the Open House Lagos press conference, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the director of Arts, British council, Ojoma Ochai explained that “the economic importance of this project is to create a connection with where we live, building connection between people and space.” Adding that “there is a need to connect young people’s emotion and psychics to the places they live and the buildings they see.”

Ochai further explained that “there is a need to build this connection to historical buildings to avoid destruction and demolition in the future.” “When you love something, it becomes difficult to let people get rid of it.” Papa Omotayo, a member of the board, Open House Lagos added.

Open House Lagos 2017 Press ConferenceplayOlamide Udoma (Pulse)

The need to preserve these historic buildings can not be over emphasized and that’s one major aim of the Open House Lagos.

Fringe Activities representative, Chuka Ihunor, said that “Although Open House Lagos is not currently working with the state government, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot. We are not a pressure group but by the existence of the Open House, people will feel the need to create one of such groups.”

Open House Lagos 2017 Press ConferenceplayOlamide Udoma (Pulse)

Olamide Udoma, project manager, Open House Lagos added that, “we are working with Lagos state government but not directly because some of these buildings are being managed by the state government.”

As to if the project will move further to other cities within the country, Udoma said “it is not inconceivable.”

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