CLEEN Holds 2-day Workshop For Security Agents, CSOs On Human Rights Documentation, Management For S’East

By Tony Adibe

The CLEEN Foundation, (CF), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has organised a 2-day seminar/workshop, on a capacity building   for police oversight agencies on Human Rights Documentation and Management for security agencies as well as Civil Society organisations drawn from the South East  and the South South zones.

Declaring open  the workshop , the Executive Director, CLEEN Foundation, Mr. Gad Peter, represented by the Programme Manager, Okoro Chigozirim, said the workshop was organised, among other reasons to “critically interrogate human rights violations by formal and informal security groups in Nigeria; improve   the   capacity   of   oversight   agencies   in   collection,verification,   reportage,   documentation   and   follow-up   actions   on human rights related complaints in Nigeria as well as mentor key personnel of oversight agencies- National Human Rights Commission,   Police Service   Commission,   the   Complaint   Response Unit of the Nigeria Police Force, Public Complaint Commission and Civil   Society   Organizations   on   the   Human   Rights   Management Information  System  developed   on  the   project.”

Also, Chigozirim stated  that the workshop which was organised in conjunction with the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), held in Enugu on Wednesday, was also aimed at setting agenda in  response to insecurity and rights violations in Nigeria; populate human rights complaints received by oversight agencies on the Human Rights Management Information System and to establish   best   practices   for   the   escalation   of   HR   complaints   and advocacy for human rights violations.

According to Chigozirim, the workshop was designed to engage the participants on how best to curb insecurity in the country especially, the South East which has become so endangered that some people hardly go to their rural communities. The Programme Manager further explained that the workshop would afford the participants the skills in data collation, clarification and presentation as well as how to do a good report.

She noted that before the #EndSarsNow erupted, there had been security challenges that were not well taken care of hence the youths took to the streets to register their discontent over human right abuses and inability to handle citizens complaints well by security personnel.

She said: “Before the EndSars, there had been security challenges in the country.  There were lots of complaints against human right violations, but they were under reported.  It was human right violations that sparked the EndSars.”

She bemoaned the fact that even since the EndSars saga, there had been many killings in the South East especially carried out by the so-called unknown gunmen which has made the South East seem a theatre of violence. Apart from the many killings believed to have been carried out by unknown gunmen, about over 1,400 cases of violent abuse by security agencies was recorded in 2020 alone.

The participants came from the National   Human   Rights   Commission,Police Service Commission, Ministries of Police Affairs and Interior, the IGP   Monitoring  and   Complaint   Response  Units  of   the   Nigeria   PoliceForce,  Public   Complaint   Commission,  SERVICOM   and   Civil   Society Organizations.

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