Coronavirus: Face Masks Now Compulsory In Lagos State

*Different shades and designs of face masks, which will now be mandatory for Lagosians in public places

Beginning from next week, wearing of face masks when in public will now be compulsory in Lagos State. This development, the government believe will help to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lagos State, which is Nigeria’s epicentre for the dreaded disease. Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State governor made the announcement earlier today (Monday April 20, 2020) at his 7th briefing as the Chief Incident Officer at the State House, Marina.

The governor said one million locally made face masks had been contracted to tailors in the state, which his government will distribute Lagos residents during the week. He said that the state has recorded 14 deaths since the pandemic began even as he urged the citizens not to panic. The governor advised those feeling the symptoms of the virus to present themselves for test, especially with the addition of two more isolation centres at Landmark Centre and Gbagada. Both centres are due for opening on Tuesday April 21.

He said, “We have seen increase of infected people from our neighboring countries. We have a responsibility to take care of them and they are in our isolation centre. The increase in numbers is evidence of our strategy to rip off the virus. We have seen that people that are suspected to have the virus have declined to present themselves or go into private hospitals. The isolation centres are not death centres,” he said, adding that it was wrong for the public to discriminating against those who had been treated and discharged, and are now free to relate with their families and community.

Again, the governor said, “The society should desist from stigmatisation. Once certified negative, they are free to join their families and society. We are hoping to open two isolation centres at Landmark Centre and Gbagada. From next week, we are going to be enforcing wearing of face mask in public places. Over a million has been commissioned to tailors and will be distributed during the week. It’s important we do not panic. This pandemic will be over and sizeable number of our people will get well,” he assured.

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