COVID-19: Spanish Club, Real Sociedad Cuts Player Salaries

Following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is ravaging Spain and many other countries across the globe including Nigeria, Spanish football club, Real Sociedad at the weekend they were cutting players’ wages by up to 20 per cent in an attempt to stabilise the club’s budget during the pandemic.

The effect of the disease has distorted business growth around the world with almost everything on standstill. The club said, “An agreement has been reached with the first team for the reduction of their wages by 20 per cent in case the league does not resume this season, and by five per cent in case the season can start again. This decision, taken with all of the parties concerned, helps us avoid traumatic measures for the rest of our employees and helps to balance the club’s economic objectives in the face of a drop in income suffered after the suspension of competition.”

Real Sociedad also announced a 20 per cent refund on season tickets for its supporters. At the time of the La Liga suspension last month, Real Sociedad were in fourth place in the championship. They had also qualified for the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao in Seville on a date still to be decided. Real Madrid had already announced wage cuts, estimated by Spanish media to be 10 per cent if the season resumes and 20 per cent if the league is abandoned. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have also cut salaries by 70 per cent.

Spain is one of the worst-hit nations by the virus, which has already claimed more than 16,300 lives in the country. Other countries that are in bad shape as a result of the pandemic are the United States of America, Italy and China where the virus originated from ab-initio.

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