Dana Air Takes Preventative Measure, Provides Sanitizers At Strategic Points

Mr. Obi Mbanuzuo, the Chief Operating Officer of Dana Air,  has said the airline since the COVID-19 outbreak has been disinfecting its aircraft after flights, changing its air filters more often and has also provided hand sanitizers at check-in, screening, boarding gates as well as on board.

Al these measures according to him is the airline’s contribution among others to ensure the protection of those who patronize the airline. He said their safety and well-being will always be a top priority for the management of Dana. The COO in a letter to customers stated that since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the airline has been doing its utmost best to ensure flights are sterilized.

He said in the letter, “Please rest assured that upon completion of every flight, all our aircraft undergo thorough cleaning process, which includes disinfecting every aircraft, changing of all passengers’ headrest and ensuring the air filters are renewed on a more regular basis than recommended by the manufacturers. The lavatories, tray tables, armrests, seatbelts, buckles and all places we constantly touch onboard the aircraft are also not left out in our cleaning process.

“In addition to our cleaning process, hand sanitizers are available at check-in, screening, boarding gates and on board (front and back lavatories). The COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and we require your utmost cooperation as we are working with relevant authorities and following precautionary measures to ensure your safety and well-being on board our aircraft.”

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