Do Not Sell Your Soul To Devil For Power/ Wealth, Christians Told

Rev. Fr. Pius Chibuike Nwauzor PhD., the Parish Priest of St. Gregory’s Catholic Church Umuhu Okwuato in Aboh-Mbaise

By Vivian Iwu

As preparations for the 2023 election are going on seriously, Christians are reminded not to sell their souls to the devil because they are in need of power or wealth as contained in the first commandment in the Holy Bible.

The Parish Priest of St. Gregory’s Catholic Church Umuhu Okwuato in Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area, Rev. Fr. Pius Nwauzor PhD. made the call while preaching on Epiphany Sunday, where he posed a general question; “What gift are you giving Jesus this year?”

He elaborated on the visit of the three wise men who bowed to Jesus as the Angels revealed the truth to them on how they got safely to Jesus in the manger, stressing that Epiphany is not a mythology, but history that actually took place.

The priest said, “They gave Him Gold proclaiming that He is true King and true God, they gave Him Myrrh, showing that as a Priest He is going to be killed to liberate his people, they gave him Frankincense to show forth Christ’s Divinity”.

Fr. Nwauzor explained that scientists were the first to encounter Jesus Christ because science of the three wise men led them to Christ, pointing out that it is through research that one can discover something why the wise seek Christ.

“The wise seek Christ and worship him like the three wise men did, but the unwise fight Christ like Herod did,” he stated, pointing out that the Prophecy was clear about where Christ was to be born and the Prophets of old were not ready to lead others to Christ and are not willing to go themselves, but the three wise men sought and found Christ at the exact location through their science.

Rev. Fr. Pius Chibuike Nwauzor PhD.

According to him, the Roman Liturgy shown from 27 BC to 14 AD foretold that Herod was begotten of a Divine means of Apollo and Attire his mother, just like Jesus Christ was divinely conceived by the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary, adding that Herod was also called the son of God, the bringer of Peace, the Savior of the world, and was seen as a Divine son of God in all the Jewish Monuments, Money and every corner of their Environment, which explained why he became paranoid when Christ who had all the attributes he was enjoying was born.

The clergyman likened the situation between Herod and the infant Jesus to Nigeria situation where politicians consult mediums to discover God’s elects and sponsor or launch airplane crash or bus crash just to eliminate one person perceived as somebody who wants what they want.

He further explained that the kingship of Jesus Christ has no boundary like that of Herod, pointing out that any wise person following Christ will have the guiding light and  will not break his/her leg but when the person derails or enters into the Sinners Den like the three wise men entered the home of Herod and their guiding Star disappeared in the Bible, anyone working with Sinners would work in darkness but repentance would always get them back to focus on Christ.

He prayed for the congregation that anyone who misleads them from following Christ this year must be cut off from them so that God’s light and hope will dwell with them because it is not possible to dine with Satan and be with God.

“You shall never be there when they conspire to kill or lie against innocent people. This year you must break away from anything misleading you, leading you to secret society. Jesus is greater than any secret society and can deliver you if you seek Him. A good number of us do not get what they want from God because they don’t pray to God. May God expose all hypocrites in your life. For you to get what you want from God, you must change your route like the three wise men did after seeing Jesus.”

He prayed, pointing out that the three wise men were not Jews but gentiles who came to seek out and pay homage to the infant Jesus, pointing out that if Christians refuse to seek Jesus and make use of their knees in prayer, they cannot get what they want from God.

Vivian Iwu first published this on her Facebook page

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