EEDC Assures Customers Of Fortified Electricity Network Meant For Maximal Service

By NewsBits

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has assured its customers of a fortified electricity network meant for maximal electricity delivery and service within its franchise areas.

The Managing Director of EEDC, Mr Praveen Chorghade, gave the assurance at a EEDC Customers Interactive Session held in Enugu on Wednesday.

Chorghade noted that the company was working around the clock to ensure that all impediments disturbing the network, both technical and nature made, were sorted out soon, adding that the customers would soon experience optimal service.

He explained that threats to the EEDC network would be a thing of the past when the company completes its ongoing robust and extensive maintenance on its network soon.

“I must commend you, our esteemed customers, for believing in the company as well as joining in the protection of electrical installations and facilities from vandals within your neighourhoods and communities,” he said.

According to him, EEDC is giving priority to complaints from customers even as we move forward to have a seamless complaint addressing system through electronically enabled devices.

He, however, urged customers to download “EEDC Connect App” from Google play-store and make their complaint anywhere as well as get instant response and action on the complaint so made.

Also, in his remark, the Chief Technical Officer of EEDC, Mr. Vincent Ekwekwu called on customers having electricity debt burden to take advantage of the ongoing Accelerated Settlement of Arrears Project (ASAP) to get a discount on their debt.

Ekwekwu explained that the discount being offered by EEDC is a sort of incentive to spur the customer to pay up, “since no customer naturally enjoys debt hanging on his or her neck”.

“If you pay gradually, there is an incentive for paying gradually; and if you pay back the debt in bulk, there is also an incentive for bulk payment.

“So, it is a means of removing some burdens from our customers so that they can pay and enjoy electricity supply effectively,” he said.

He said that vandalism of electrical installations/facilities had been a serious issue to EEDC, adding that we used the interactive session to highlight extensively on it as our customers are also stakeholders in the electricity business.

“We sought their help and that of the various vigilante groups to continue to help us (both EEDC and customers) to ensure that they monitor and question any unauthorized person getting close or moving around electricity installations around their neighbourhood/community.

“We cannot be everywhere as a company; but where our facilities and installations are located are closer to our customers and helping us would give a clear-cut win-win situation for everybody,” he said.

He also called on customers to take advantage of the ongoing mobile Meter Asset Provider (MAP) metering programme and ensured prepaid meters are installed for them. According to him, under the mobile MAP programme, prepaid meters are installed the same day once a reimbursable payment is made after customer’s provision of means of identification and electricity bill.

One of the customers, Mr Okwudili Ene, said that there was a need for EEDC to energise the transformer in his street within the Amaechi Awkunannaw axis of Enugu since the people of his street had made efforts to pay up their debts. Ene also requested for an additional transform for his area as the one current serving seems to be overloaded going with the number of customers connected to the transformer.

Another customer, Mr Obinna Ugwu, urged EEDC to get its mobile MAP meter programme to Garki area for people within that axis of Enugu metropolis to enjoy instant and one-shop pre-paid meter installation.

However, bulk of the customers coming from outside the metropolis requested de-bulking of their transformers, installation of more transformers and if possible, placing everybody on pre-paid meters.

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