Enugu Youth Leader Returns N10m Mistakenly Sent To His Account

By NewsBits

In an uncommon demonstration of honesty, a youth leader, Comrade Bartholomew Ebuka Okoh, the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Chairman in Enugu State, has returned a sum of ₦10million naira mistakenly sent to his account.

NewsBits learnt that the money was sent to him on 9th December 2022 in Enugu. Comrade Okoh , who spoke with journalists in Enugu, explained that  as a business man, he understood what it meant to lose such amount of money,  pointing out his duty as a youth leader, to uphold ethical principles and live by example.

He stated that, when the incident happened, he did not think twice to return it because, it wasn’t his money, and he knows that, someone could lose his life or develop a terminal ailment due to the shock of loosing such amount. He said: “the money came at a time I really needed it but I knew it wasn’t mine and nobody could have sent such to me as at the time it was sent”

“I did not even think twice about returning it because, it was not mine. Although, I had no intentions of hoarding the money or using it to solve my personal problems but, a lot of temptations came from some friends who I consulted for advice, to divert the money”.

“I had to call my account officer to trace where the money was from and to know if he knew any person by the name Robert Anwatu. MY account officer later called me and said that the person bearing the name is owner of Roban Stores before we started the process of returning the money to the owner.”

Asked his feelings after retuning the money, Hon Okoh stated that, he felt fulfilled and had peace of mind, because he came from a Christian family in Uhuona Ugbawka.

“I feel super excited and good! I feel fulfilled because, I came from a family in Uhuona Ugbawka, where we are known to be principled. Also, as a Leader, I should lead by example. I know that no matter how rich the owner of the money is, loosing such amount will definitely affect his business and probably his mental health.”

“I also know that the account officers might lose their Jobs too for making such a dangerous mistake. So, I had to do everything possible to save the situation.” Reports also had it that, the owner of Roban Stores, Chief Robert Anwatu put up a phone call to Hon Okoh and expressed his heartfelt appreciation

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