FIFA To Set Up New Performance Analysis Service For World Cup

By NewsBits

FIFA will share in-depth match data, graphics, and video from every World Cup match in Qatar with all participating teams as well as supporters and media through a new performance analysis service announced on Friday. The World Cup kicks off on November 20.

The service, led by FIFA’s chief of global football development Arsene Wenger and developed by the world governing body’s High-Performance team, will offer insight on 11 metrics including expected goals, possession control, and phases of play.

“Every match will have its own unique set of in-match, and post-match enhanced football intelligence visuals presented as augmented reality and traditional graphics,” FIFA said.

“These new statistics break down each area of the game into fine detail and provide operational definitions and multiple video examples to clearly define each action.”

FIFA has also set up a specialist coaching website to provide detailed video explanations on each metric. Former Arsenal manager Wenger said making the data readily available aimed to help “everyone to better understand the game.

“Enhanced football intelligence will be our blueprint for how we analyse football in the future,” he added.

“We would like to share our vision of using football data analytics combined with technical expert interpretation to create a new football intelligence. My team will continue to provide new and insightful football analysis content to help share new understanding of the game combined with performance data, video examples and technical explanations.”

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