Finally, Abuja-Kaduna Train To Resume Service Soon – Federal Government

By Editor

With the recent release of the final batch of the kidnapped Abuja – Kaduna train attack in February and the terrorists grossing over N1billion in ransom, the federal government of Nigeria has said that the Abuja – Kaduna train will resume operations soon.

The Minister of transportation, Mu’azu Sambo confirmed this in a statement on Friday. This is coming following the release of the last 23 passengers abducted by terrorists after others have been released in batches. The Minister, however, stated that security measures have to be put in place in order for the train service to be operational again and to avoid any future occurrence of attack on the facility.

Sambo assured that the measures will be both short term and long term, adding that out of respect to the victims and their families the train service will be hold for now but will be operational soon. He reiterated that no ransom was paid for the release of the victims,saying that the federal government does not support ransom payment.

He said “Categorically, this government does not support ransom payment. No kobo was paid to secure the release of the 23 remaining victims and other ones as well.”

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