Former Governorship Candidate Awarded Doctor Of Economics by GO-UNI

By Tony Adibe

A former Governorship candidate of the National Conscience Party (NPC) in Enugu State, Chief Loretta Aniagolu has been honoured with the award of honorary Doctor of Economics by the Godfrey Okoye University (GO-UNI), Emene, Enugu, capital of Enugu State.

The event, which took place on Saturday, was part of the activities to mark  the  10th Convocation of Godfrey Okoye University, at the permanent site of the University, Ugwuomu Nike, Emene, in  Enugu East Local Government Area of the State, Nigeria.

NewsBits reports that Chief Loretta Aniagolu, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the FIT Consult Group of Companies, is equally the first daughter of the late Supreme Court Judge, Justice Anthony Aniagolu. She was honoured alongside two other dignitaries, Chief Anthony O. Mogboh SAN, who was conferred with the Doctor of Law and Mr. Andreas Gebauer, an expatriate from Austria, who received the award of Doctor of Management.

In her acceptance speech, Chief Aniagolu, a 1981 graduate of Economics from the University of Jos, advised the 381 graduating students to make good use of the education they received from the University as it marked the beginning of their adventure in life.

She said that a degree was not just about what you studied, but how you are able to leverage, apply and interpret it, stressing that “you already have a solid foundation from GO-UNI, so be guided by this principle: “Apply yourself passionately to achieve excellence, only on things that improve the lives of others. “Then watch to see how your life will blossom in abundance!”

She told the graduands that “with your education, your minds have been unleashed, into a world of opportunities. A world where you can create and excel from the confines of your bedroom, just with a laptop and internet access; a world where  your youth and unburdened mind offers boundless creativity; a world where technology offers you access to the ends  of this earth for observation and learning; a world with limitless possibilities!”

Aniagolu urged the graduating students to go on, seize the opportunities before them, stressing that they should “not let fear, or negativity stop them, for every challenge, or problem, is an opportunity!”

She also reminded the graduating students that although they would certainly have many falls in life, but quickly encouraged them with the immortal words of the great Mandiba, Nelson Mandela who said: ”The greatest glory in living is not in falling, but in rising Everytime we fall!”

Aniagolu confessed that “God knows, I certainly had my fair share of falls, but I refused to quit, I continued to persevere, and I always end in triumph!”

She congratulated the GO-UNI vice chancellor, Rev Fr. Prof Christian Anieke, the Senate and the Board of Trustees for the recent accreditation of the the Faculty of Medicine by the National University Commission (NUC).

Describing the GO-UNI as a young, dynamic university that is on the cutting edge of ideas, research, and innovation, Aniagolu expressed how delighted and humbled she felt for being honoured by the University.

“I feel highly honoured and privileged to receive an honorary Doctorate in Economics from GO-UNI. I also congrtulate the other awardees whom I feel honoured to share this stage with.”

Turning to the GO-UNI management, Aniagolu, a top player in the Nigeria finance, mining, and real estate sector, said her company, FIT Group, is developing the HELIU District in Enugu, regarded as Nigeria’s first health city, “we look forward to working closely with GOUNI, to build an enviable medical faculty, whose competitive edge will be advanced technology in medical research and treatment. We look forward to a great collaboration!”

She dedicated her award to her parents, particularly her dad, late Justice Anthony Aniagolu, who she said, “is the first feminist I ever knew,” adding that without his belief in equal opportunity in education for all his children, “I will not be standing here today.”

 Aniagolu also said of her father: “He would be so proud, also because he sacrificed so much to ensure that GO-UNI became a reality.” She quickly added: ” I am grateful to the University for continuing to honour his memory through the Justice Anthony Aniagolu Lecture Series.”

Sounding rather philosophical and personal, she told the audience it’s interesting how life could take one on unpredictable paths, “ironic that although I received a degree in Economics in 1981, at the young age of 20, that course was actually my third choice. Indeed, because my life goal to be an agent for positive change in people’s lives was already crystal clear in my mind in life then, which still is, at the time of my sitting the Joint Matriculation Exam, was to help improve the lives of people; and I thought then that the only route to achieving my goal was via studying sociology and becoming a social worker.”

The Economist, however, recalled that fate had other designs for her life, stating that with her school certificate showing a distinction in Economics, and without her consent the University admissions decided otherwise, according to her.

She said: “Today, when l look back, I am truly grateful for that Change of course. Since then, l have realistically translated academic degrees qualifications into active participation as an industry player in the finance, mining, and real estate sectors, as tools for accelerated development and for lifting people out of poverty. Today, our company, FIT, is innovatively redefining real estate development in Nigeria and beyond.”

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