House Of Representatives Considers Ban On Sports Betting In Nigeria

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If members of the House of Representatives have their way, sports betting said to be a pastime of over 60 million young Nigeri­ans may soon become a thing of history in the country. This followed a resolution by Rep. Kelechi Nwogu (PDP: Riv­ers) at the plenary in Abuja on Thursday.

The lawmaker had in the res­olution complained that the Na­tional Lottery Regulatory Com­mission (NLRC) is weak or has neglected regulations of sports betting in the country. He said this have given rise to mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and ad­diction.

Nwogu added that it had also led to strain or broken relation­ships due to lying or stealing from friends and family, financial problems, legal issues, and job loss due to excessive loss or debt. “Betting has given rise to in­creased crime rate and eventual suicide,” he said.

He harped on the need for campaigns to prevent the nega­tive social impact of lottery and underage participation. Adopting the motion, the House urged the Federal Min­istry of Information and Na­tional Orientation to conduct comprehensive nationwide campaign to raise public aware­ness about the negative impact of youth participation in sports betting.

The House also mandated the Committee on Inter-Govern­mental Affairs to conduct a public hearing on the dangerous effects of sports betting in Nigeria. It urged the committee to re­port to it within four weeks for further legislative action.

The National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF) has revealed that over 65 million Nigerians active­ly engage in betting, spending an average of $15 daily. It was estimated that about 60 million Nigerians aged between 18 and 40 engage in sports betting.

Many young Nigerians also engaged in sports betting to get succour from the hardship in the country. The NLTF lists 58 betting companies approved to operate in Nigeria on its.

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