How Castro Survived Over 638 Assassination Attempts

By NewsBits

“638 Ways to Kill Castro,” a 2006 documentary from the United Kingdom, claims that more people have tried to kill the world’s most renowned socialist than any other living person.

When you’re both loved and hated by millions of people, assassination attempts are part of the course. You always have to be ready for the worst-case scenario, so make sure your security is top notch.

The smart group in Cuba, for instance, figured out that Fidel Castro has survived more than 600 attempts on his life. Some of it came from people in his inner circle, while others came from rival mafia groups, the CIA, and other unlikely places.

Fidel Castro has been quoted multiple times declaring that if surviving an assassination attempt were an Olympic event, he would win gold.

One of the tactics used to try to kill him was poisoning his cigar, but he was able to detect the substance. Not only did they outwit him in a potentially lethal diving suit, but they also poisoned his medication. They buried poisoned needles in his coat, too.

Castro spent nearly half of his life on the run, yet he made it to old age. Even during his talks, assassins would try to bomb him up, but he always managed to avoid them. Another usual tactic was to poison his meals, but this rarely succeeded. They even attempted poisoning his suits, but it was ineffective as well.

Even as a young revolutionary, he was reported dead multiple times by the Cuban press, only to be found to be alive and well years later. Fidel Castro reached the age of 90, and he passed away on November 25, 2016, due to the effects of aging and death.”

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