I Didn’t Grant Any Interview About Peter Obi To Opera News, Others – Azuh Arinze

Azuh Arinze, publisher and editor-in-chief, Yes International magazine, has described as fake news, report by Opera News, which attributed to him interview about Peter Obi which he never granted.

Arinze made the denial on Sunday, April 23, in a statement made available to our newsroom. The statement reads: “My attention has just been drawn to a silly and unfounded publication by Opera News about His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi, which is attributed to me.

“First of all, I want to categorically and emphatically state that I did not grant any such interview or chat with the said media outlet or any other news medium, for that matter. It is purely fake news.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the evil concoction, which could have only been fabricated by a malicious and unconscionable individual, masquerading as a journalist, and giving a bad name to the noble profession of journalism to which I belong. Otherwise, how could the quack have attributed to me and attached my picture to something as sinister and unimaginable as this odious fabrication emanating from their vile imagination?

“The publication is slander and libelous. It goes beyond an ordinary electronic news clickbait, for it was intended to malign me and damage my reputation. It is nothing short of character assassination. I demand that Opera News take down this odious and criminal story immediately. They will be hearing from my lawyers soon.

“I also wish to put it on record that I am not a politician and have gone about my mission as a journalist in a non-partisan way. However, I would like to also state here that Mr. Peter Obi is one of Nigeria’s leading politicians for whom I have the greatest respect and regards. As the governor of my home state of Anambra, he performed excellently well, and the results are still there for all to see. I will therefore never disparage, upbraid, or castigate him on account of his performance while in office. Should I have any pertinent concerns that need his attention, I know how to reach him.”

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