Imo State: The Emergence Of A General

By Hillary Nwauzoije

Once upon a time in Imo State, a land rich in culture and tourism, a decision of a seven-member panel, led by Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun, thwarted the fate of her progress. This unholy judgement paved the way for a high level of corruption, insecurity, inadequate infrastructure, and unemployment, leaving the citizens disillusioned and longing for a messiah.

In the midst of this confusion has risen a hope for the state to be RESET. The emergence of Maj. Gen. Jack Lincoln Keonyemere Ogunewe (Rtd), as the gubernatorial candidate under Action Alliance (AA), is heaving a sigh of relief to the people. General Ogunewe, known for his distinguished military career, unwavering integrity, and traditional upbringing, has captured the hearts of the people. Indeed, there is a hope and promise of a brighter future. Imo State yearned for a leader who possessed not only the courage to fight against injustice but also the wisdom to address its deep-rooted problems.

General Ogunewe’s campaign is gaining momentum as his name and fame have spread across the state. He is aware of the crumbling educational system, lack of access to quality education, and teachers’ struggle with low morale due to unpaid salaries. The People’s General is determined to empower the next generation through well devised and comprehensive plans towards revitalising our schools especially those in the rural areas, invest in teachers training, ensuring that every child had equal opportunity to succeed.

Another pressing issue that he is willing to address headlong is the deteriorating infrastructure in Imo State. He has witnessed firsthand the dilapidated roads, flood threats, inadequate healthcare facilities, and limited access to clean water. With his humble background and exposure to global practices, he understood the importance of a strong foundation for progress. As a sequel to this, he is prioritising infrastructure development, repair of existing roads, constructing new ones to connect isolated communities, and investing in healthcare centres to provide quality care for all residents.

Unemployment is a plague in Imo State. It is unfortunate that the seat warmer in the Douglas house lacks ideas on how to develop the Imo Youths. Many talented Imo youths are without opportunities to showcase their skills. Having succeeded as a youth, the incoming Governor Jack Lincoln Keonyemere Ogunewe, whose track record speaks volume, will employ his vision and wide contact to reduce the youth unemployment rate in Imo state. He has innovative plans to attract and drive local and foreign investments, establish entrepreneurship programmes, and promote technical and vocational training for our youths and women.

As the gubernatorial elections approach, the people of Imo State must rally behind General Ogunwewe. We must see him as the Peter Obi of Imo state. We must canvass for him, pray for him, and most importantly, come out on the election day to cast our vote for his party, AA.

Imo Redemption is possible through Maj. Gen. Jack Lincoln Keonyemere Ogunewe Rtd.

…Dr. Hillary Nwauzoije, Publicity Secretary, Imo Redemption Group.

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