MASSOB Disowns “Fake Biafra Activists” In Enugu Forests

By NewsBits

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) said it has disowned some “criminal elements” operating in the forests of Oduma within Aninri Local Government Area and other communities such as Nkerefi, Nomeh and Mburubu in Nkanu East Local Council of Enugu State.

MASSOB alleged that the criminal elements were terrorizing the areas in the name of Biafra agitation, adding that its intelligence shows that the “gangsters” operate in a camp within the borderline between Nkerefi and Oduma forest called Ngene Awa by Oduma people but called Okobo by Nkerefi people.

Enugu state coordinator of MASSOB, Mr.  Daniel Onyebuchi, at the weekend, said that the “criminals have subjected members of the communities to slavery, where the indigenous people can no longer go to their farms in the present harvesting season because of fear of being kidnapped, raped or killed by the criminal youths.”

Onyebuchi further said: “It is unfortunate that these youths with brighter futures(sic) have turned themselves into criminal activities(sic) by making kidnapping a lucrative business. MASSOB blames the state governments in the Southeast zone for their failure to create jobs opportunities and solid empowerment for our youths.”

He said that MASSOB observed that about five persons have been kidnapped in those areas, including community leaders and those who could not pay the demanded ransom and have remained in the terrorists’ custody.

He further urged the youths thus: “The neighbourhood security outfit in the area was attacked and disarmed by these unknown gunmen. MASSOB advised these gangsters youths(sic) to rethink damaging their futures. They should leave the forest now, stop every criminal activity in the name of Biafra agitation and be useful with their lives  before is too late.

“It is very clear that these people are not fighting for Biafra actualization, because Biafra agitators cannot be involved in kidnapping, stealing, raping and making life unbearable for your own people whom you claim you are fighting for.”

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