May Day: You’ll Find A Dependable Ally, Co-Labourer In Me – Tinubu To Nigerian Workers

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Ahead of May 29, 2023 when he would assume office, all things being equal, Nigeria’s President-elect, Bola Tinubu, has assured Nigerian workers of his readiness to work for their better welfare and working conditions, saying they would find a dependable ally and co-labourer in him after his inauguration as the president of the country.

Tinubu said the workers’ fight would be his fight, noting that his plans for their better welfare and working conditions were spelt out in his campaign manifesto, which he described as a covenant he is prepared to keep. The former governor of Lagos State stated that Nigerian workers would have more than a minimum wage after his inauguration on May 29, adding that they would have a living wage to have a decent life and provide for their families.

The President-elect said this via a statement issued on Monday, May 1, in commemoration of the 2023 Workers’ Day. He described the Workers’ Day as a special day to salute and honour the working people “whose hard work and sweat continue to oil the wheel of human progress and advancement”.

Tinubu said: “On this special day, as your President-elect, I extend my hands of friendship to the Nigerian workers through the two central Labour unions – Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress. In me, you will find a dependable ally and co-labourer in the fight for social and economic justice for all Nigerians, including all the working people.

“Your fight will be my fight because I will always fight for you. My plans for better welfare and working conditions are clearly spelt out in my Renewed Hope Agenda for A Better Nigeria. It is a covenant born of conviction and one I am prepared to keep.

“At this point, I must remind Nigerian workers that we all have a common battle to wage, one which we must win together. And it is the fight against poverty, ignorance, disease, disunity, ethnic and religious hate and all negative forces that contend against the stability and prosperity of our country.

“In Nigeria, I shall have the honour and privilege to lead from May 29, workers will have more than a minimum wage. You will have a living wage to have a decent life and provide for your families.

“The days ahead will, however, demand better understanding and cooperation from all sides, because leadership will require that we take tough and hard decisions so that our people and all Nigerian workers can live more abundantly. I wish Nigerian workers and the leadership of NLC and TUC Happy Workers’ Day!” the President-elect noted.

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