MTN Launches 5Generation Network In Enugu State

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MTN Nigeria has launched its’ 5Generation (5G) network in Enugu State having earlier on paid for the licence. MTN begun the roll-out of the 5G technology in selected locations in Nigeria with which it planned to cover five cities that include Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and Kano within one month of the rollout.

Briefing journalists during the launch, the Regional Sales Manager for the eastern region, (Fixed broad Band) Mrs. Ibifiri Uhuegbulem said the purpose of the launch of the 5G network was to make it easier for Nigerians to connect to the internet.

Mrs. Uhuegbulem said, “We noticed that during COVID-19, it was difficult for people to connect so MTN came up with a strategy for us to sell fixed wireless access. So that’s where you hear about our MIFI, HI-NET FLEX and this one newly introduced in September 2022, our 5G device.

“This is much faster for internet connection, browsing, and also for gaming. Before now we had been in Abuja with this same 5G Hologram. Subsequently we shall be having it in Port-Hacourt, Lagos and Ibadan as well.”

The Regional sales Manager also advised that customers don’t need to buy a new phone to be able to connect to the 5G network.

She further said, “What you need to is to visit any of our outlets and ask to migrate from your present 3G to 4G and once that sim is migrated and you have a 5G device, either a 5G apple phone, Samsung, or any android phone, and then you’re able to connect to our 5G network.

“We have sites where we have 5G and right now in Enugu, we have 18 sites where you can get 5G network. It is not in the entire southeast now but only in 18 sites around Enugu state. Each of these sites covers around 200 meters of the particular location where it is situated.

“Right now, there are more sites that would come up in the next quarter which is quarter 3. More sites will come into Enugu. But as we speak, we have a hundred sites in the eastern region. We have 2 in Anambra state, 6 in Imo state, 18 in Enugu state, 12 in Delta state and 91 in Rivers State.”

MTN, however, started 5G trials in 2019, and it displayed diverse use cases to improve activities like surgeries, teaching, logistics, and entertainment. However, you have to pay very close attention to the exact locations, as 5G signals are quite different from 3G/4G.

MTN will also be chasing a more high-value market, as it plans to bring 5G devices to the doorsteps of every home. MTN’s current 4G coverage stands at 75%, and it’s not yet planning to hit 100% as it switches focus on 5G. 5G uses different technologies, but the wave frequency is the most popular. This simply means that 5G will be incredibly fast but will not travel long distances. Especially if there are interferences like tall buildings and trees.

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