Muhammadu Buhari: Agent Provocateur

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

“Fulani terrorists and kidnappers abduct our children from schools, colleges, and universities on daily basis, and when we complain, condemn or protest such barbaric acts, they say we want to destabilize Nigeria.”

General Muhammadu Buhari as agent provocateur uses government power and machinery – armed forces, police, security agencies, judiciary, etc., to undermine, subjugate, oppress, and terrorise non-Fulani critics, activists, dissidents, who speak truth to power.

Buhari as president, plays a significant role in the present turbulence in Nigeria. Since Buhari came to power six years ago, Fulani terrorism has been on the surge. It is made possible because it is aided and abetted by Buhari.

It has led to a many-fronted crisis including violence, murder, poverty, insecurity, and overwhelming agitation for separation. Buhari deliberately provoked us by demanding our obedience, submission, and silence when our mothers, daughters, and wives are being raped, when our fathers are being robbed, killed, and prevented from going to farm. We are damned should we complain, protest, and criticize Buhari for his brutalities and Fulani terrorism.

We have become slaves and refugees in our own country. How can citizens be displaced internally in their own country? When we complain, Buhari’s co-agent provocateurs like Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed, Pastor RUGA (Osinbajo), P. N. Afunanya, and his other demented attack dogs call us troublemakers fueling treason, trying to intimidate Buhari and overthrow him in a non-democratic way.

They call us “wailing wailers,” “saboteurs,” “unpatriotic,” “Buhari haters,” “Buhari enemies.” They say we wish Buhari dead, that we don’t see anything good that Buhari has achieved. When we complain of injustice, of being marginalized and excluded, they tell us to shut up and keep the peace. They say the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. They say we are inviting war and that Nigeria cannot survive two civil wars. For example, Buhari reappoints Hadiza Bala Usman a Fulani as MD NPA for a second term of four years. All the top 20 NNPC chief executives are Fulanis.

Heads of armed forces, prisons, immigration, aviation, railways, national security council, Supreme Court, to mention a few, are Fulanis. Buhari advised that we should learn to live with Fulani terrorists.

When we say we are tired of living as indentured slaves and refugees in our own country, when it is evidently unsafe for us to co-exist with Fulani savages and terrorists, and we agitate for our own nation where we can live a decent, civilized, peaceful, progressive, and prosperous life, we are being arrested, tortured, prosecuted “for causing anarchy.” As agent provocateur, Buhari is a specialist in manufacturing terrorism and manipulating conflict so as to benefit the Fulanis.

Buhari has demonstrated again and again that he is not only an enemy of Nigeria but has more sinister mission which has deadly results – Islamization and Fulanization agenda. When Fulani terrorists and kidnappers abduct our children from schools, colleges, and universities on daily basis, and when we complain, condemn or protest such barbaric acts, they say we want to destabilize Nigeria.

We are making Nigeria ungovernable for the terrorist behind the mask in Aso Rock. Buhari targets, divides, disrupts, discredits, critics, activists, opponents, and victims of Fulani terrorists and then lay them open to arrest or prosecution, or worse. He hunts Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Igboho Oosa and massacres IPOB members, while he pampers, pardons, compensates, rehabilitates, resettles Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists.

The unintended consequences of Buhari’s provocations, make a compelling case for Oduduwa Nation, Biafra Republic, Lower Niger Republic, and other marginalized and terrorized ethnic groups in Nigeria willing to go their separate ways. We are glad Buhari came our way for providing the fuse that ignites agitation for our own separate nation.

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