Nigeria Beyond Failed State, Now Global Threat – Duke

By NewsBits

A former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, has stated that Nigeria is becoming a global threat, emphasising that the country has failed completely. Duke, who insisted that the system has been corrupted, stressed that no political party can get the country out of its current state.

He said this on Saturday at the Front-foot media initiative’s roundtable discussion held in Ikeja, Lagos State. The former governor, who was one of the keynote speakers at the media roundtable bemoaned the fact that the media had lost its grip on holding the government accountable.

He said that politicians have directly or indirectly taken over the ownership of media organisations. He further explained that the rot in the country, “is so deep that even trying to do the right thing is odd to many people.”

Duke said: “The only hope we can have is judicial reform. Judicial reform is more pertinent than political reform. One of the weaknesses in our nation is the justice system. Without justice, you will have no peace and unity. The system is so endemically corrupted; no political party can get us out of the rot. None of the politicians I see today can help us out of this. Nigeria has gone beyond a failed state, we are now becoming a global threat because we have the capacity to go anywhere.”

Also, the National Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commissioner, Mohammed Haruna, stressed the need to strengthen Nigeria’s judicial system for accountability. Haruna insisted that the media needs to focus more on politicians’ conduct rather than the constitution.

According to him, “I am sure there is still a lot the media can do, I believe it is not the media alone that can hold politicians accountable. All of us have that responsibility to hold them accountable. I believe the media should lead the holding of institutions accountable to the public.

“Media holds the public the duty to beam its searchlight of political behaviour on those at the state and local government levels.”

Earlier in his welcome address, the Front Foot Media Initiative Chairman, Sully Abu, said the roundtable is to draw the attention of media stakeholders to the need to hold the government accountable.

Present at the roundtable were prominent media personalities, editors of frontline newspapers, and representatives of the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism.

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