Nigeria Military, Police Give Us High Level Security -Onyishi, Founder MOU, Enugu

By Tony Adibe

The founder of Maduka Onyeishi University (MOU), and group of schools in Enugu, Dr. Samuel Maduka Onyishi, has lauded the Nigeria Military, the Nigeria Police Force and other security measures for providing effective security to the group of schools located between Igboetiti and Enugu East Local Government Areas of the Coal City State.

Dr. Onyishi emphasised that the military and the police “are at our beck and call,” adding that “they are giving us a high level of security always.”

The MOU founder, who spoke while addressing guests during the thanksgiving/one-year anniversary celebration of the Maduka University College, said that the management of the institution is doing its best to make sure that “we give the best of security to our students and our staff.”

He also said: “The military men are working as if this is a military school,” stressing that, “they want to be sure that the institution is completely covered in the area of security. It’s costing us a lot of money to provide security but it’s a major factor. Security is essential. We can’t afford not to spend on security.”

He said the immediate past and current administrations in Enugu State have been responsive and helpful in tackling security challenges within the area. “We are making efforts to improve on the security of this road. The Nsukka, Igboetiti and Enugu East Local Government chairmen are also helping in providing security,” Dr Onyishi said.

On media reportage of insecurity in Enugu State, particularly security challenges along the Ugwuogo-Nike Nsukka Road, Dr Onyishi urged the press to avoid de-marketing the state through sensationalising their reports.

“There is a way the media will sensationalise stories on insecurity, and investors will be scared to invest in Enugu. It is the poor man in the street that suffers more. Some people go to the extent of bringing video of kidnappings and violence that occurred outside the state, and circulate it to give the impression that this place is not safe or secured. But we know propaganda doesn’t last,” he said.

Dr. Onyishi said that come rain or sunshine, “Enugu remains the most peaceful state in the country”, stressing that as a transporter, he is always aware of security situation in many parts Nigeria.

He explained that the college is sitting on over 300 hectares of land, restating that at the point of completion, the school won’t be only a citadel where people go to learn, it will also be an economically viable community.

Commenting specifically on the vision and mission of the college, Dr Onyishi said: “To provide excellent educational opportunities in the frontiers of knowledge and application of innovative and creative technologies to industry, business and entrepreneurship that are transformative and responsive to the needs and challenges of the local and global society and for the Glory of God.” He added that, “Our motto is education for global competitiveness”

Dr Onyishi also advised parents and guardians to leave a legacy for their children/wards by giving them quality education. He further urged parents and teachers to always work in synergy to inculcate discipline and morale values on the students for them to become good ambassadors of the college.

He said: “You can make sharp money, but it does not last. Real money last beyond you. You see, parents have businesses but their children, after graduation from tertiary institutions, cannot fit into their businesses.  Therefore, the businesses cannot continue. Our children should be trained in such a way that they can continue from where we stopped.”

In an address, the principal of the college, Mr Uche Silas Odirachukwu recalled that the mapping and construction of the university college started around 2019, pointing out that Maduka University College commenced its first academic session and admitted the first set of students in 2022.

He said: “The students of this first entrepreneurial-focused institution are taught with the mindset of being self-employed and business owners.”

NewsBits reports that, clearly, the sketch drama on handcraft and technology, presented by the students depicted that they are actually being trained to be creative, enterprising, and self-reliant. This is unlike what obtains in other conventional schools where students, after graduating, end up searching endlessly for jobs, Maduka students are taught how to start up businesses and become employers of labour.

The guest of honour and immediate-past Enugu State Commissioner for Education, Professor Uche Eze, in his remark, said: “The school has everything a child needs to succeed in life. The students are lucky to have an entrepreneur as a chairman.” He added that the Maduka University College has passion for the pupils to study in every area of his/her choice.

 Prof Eze, however, explained that the problems of most private schools in Nigeria are the parents, stressing that parents should allow schools to help their children. “When you feel your child is not well treated, follow due process,” he told the parents.

He further said: “I commend the founder of this great institution. I was part of the University College beginning from day one and I assured Dr Onyishi that he has no problem of registration because it has all it takes to be a university. Education is a capital-intensive venture and Dr Onyishi has invested heavily on it. I tell you the money realised from tuition fee cannot pay for security operations at the gate.”

Prof Eze noted that the Proprietor was magnanimous in establishing the group of schools, adding: ”we pray for him and for the college to keep up with the high standard I have observed.”

Part of the ceremony was cutting of the anniversary cake, presentation of awards/gifts to deserving staff and students after music/drama interlude performed by the students.

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