NJC Set To Begin Investigation Of Osun Judge Over Alleged Miscarriage Of Justice -CHRSJ

A human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, CHRSJ, has said that the National Judicial Council, NJC, had concluded arrangement to begin an unbiased investigation of Osun Judge, Justice Kudirat Akano, over alleged miscarriage and subversion of justice on Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy legal Suit N0: HED/48/2021.

It would be recalled that the Court of Appeal, Akure Judicial Division, through its judgment dated 8th day of August 2022, had removed the illegal occupant of the stool, Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye, by declaring him as an impostor and ordering him not to parade himself as Alawo of Awoland henceforth.

However, Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye forged every document relating to his illegal ascension to the throne of Alawo of Awoland on 13th of September 2021, thereby making Adegboye a product fake and forged selection documents because of his membership of the then ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Government of Gboyega Oyetola in the State.

Disclosing this on Monday, the investigation was a result of the petition dated June 29th,2022 and forwarded to the National Judicial Council, NJC, by the human rights body, CHRSJ, alleged that Justice Kudirat M. Akano, of bias in her ruling delivered on Suit N0: HED/48/2021, on 26th day of May 2022.

The human rights body, through its said petition to the NJC, queried the rationale behind the presiding judge on Suit N0: HED/48/2021, to dismiss the suit by declaring that forgery of selection documents, flagrant disobedience to Court orders and usage of obsolete, repealed, outdated, and revoked law was abuse of Court process.

Responding to the CHRSJ’s petition, the NJC in its Letter with Reference No: NJC/S.29/HC.OS/17/1/394, dated 29th December, 2022 and signed by the Council Secretary, Ahmed Gambo Saleh, and the said letter was directed to Micheal Agaasi, the Assistant General Secretary, AGS, of the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, CHRSJ.

The NJC’s Letter further informed the human rights body to comply with the extant Judicial Discipline Regulations 2017 of the Council by ensuring of verifying affidavit deposed before a Court of Record.

In complying with the NJC’s directive on the subject matter, the group through its Assistant General Secretary, AGS, Micheal Agaasi, sworn to sixty paragraphs Affidavit of Affirmation dated 9th day of May ,2023, before the Federal High Court, Osogbo Judicial Division with covering letter to the National Judicial Council, NJC.

According to the covering letter dated Tuesday, 9th of May, 2023 and signed by CHRSJ’s Assistant General Secretary, AGS, Micheal Agaasi, urging the NJC to look into the complicity and duplicity of Justice Akano on Suit No: HED/48/2021.

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