Revealed: Enugu Kidnappers Use Beretta, How Army, Police Allegedly Assist

By NewsBits

The National President of the Ohanaeze Youths, Mazi Okwu Nnabuike has made some shocking revelations which are yet to be countered or debunked by the concerned authorities.

Mazi Nnabuike claimed that his revelations were anchored on the “privileged information from victims of the recent kidnappings”. In an jaw-dropping  statement issued in Enugu , the Ohanaeze Youth President pointed accusing fingers at the  soldiers and police  for purportedly backing  the kidnappings along the Ugwogo/Opi highway in Enugu State.

The youth leader called for the quick transfer of the GOC 82 Division, the Commissioner of Police, Director of DSS. Also, Nnabuike demanded that all the security operatives on duty when the incidents took place should be thoroughly investigated.

 Okwu, who claimed that he was relaying the report of a victim of the kidnap incident, alleged “the police and the army are complicit in the act of kidnapping at the Opi-Ugwuogo axis.

“The police at the checkpoints usually select expensive cars conveying persons who appear to have the financial muscle. The police will pull over all such cars and ask them to move at once and the moment they move, the police will release a gunshot alerting the kidnappers to come out.

“That from the discussions between the kidnappers and some of the victims, it is clear that some of the kidnappers are serving soldiers. That the kidnappers are using AK-49 and beretta pistols. That whenever the soldiers are coming to the camp to drop food and arms, they would blindfold the eyes of the victims.

“That investigations have also revealed that some top security men are complicit in this development. That most of the soldiers involved are imported into the State from Umuahia, Abia State.

“That the kidnappers, who were speaking pure Fulani, kept boasting and claiming that there was no need involving the police as they had backings from high-ranking army and police officers.”

Nnabuike further said that consequent upon these allegations, “we, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo youths are demanding a re-organization of security architecture in Enugu State. This entails a detailed redeployment of all security chiefs in the State.

“We call on the Inspector-General of Police and the Chief of Army Staff to open up an inquiry into the kidnap incidents recorded on that road. These allegations are too heavy and should not be swept under the carpet. They are not too different from the experience of the then Methodist Prelate, Most Rev. Samuel Kanu-Uche who was abducted in Abia State. We have the feeling that the same gang just relocated to Enugu State.”

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