Russia vs Ukraine War: US Announces $3bn In Military Assistance For Ukraine

By NewsBits

The United States on Friday announced a major military assistance package for Ukraine that is valued at more than $3 billion and includes 50 Bradleys and dozens of other armored vehicles.

The assistance — $2.85 billion drawn from US inventories and $225 million in foreign military financing — does not include advanced Western tanks sought by Kyiv but will still provide significant additional firepower for its forces. It is “the largest security assistance package in total value that we have committed so far,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper told journalists.

The marquee items in the package are the Bradleys, which come with 500 TOW anti-tank missiles and 250,000 rounds of ammunition for their 25mm autocannons. “The Bradley vehicles will further enhance Ukraine’s ability to conduct complex maneuvers in almost all weather conditions and terrain, especially in the south and the east of the country,” Cooper said.

Also included in the package are 100 M113 and 55 MRAP armored vehicles, 18 155mm self-propelled howitzers, as well as artillery ammunition, mortar rounds, air defense missiles, and various small arms. The self-propelled howitzers “will provide greater protection and manoeuvrability” than previously provided artillery pieces that must be towed by vehicles, Cooper said.

The equipment will complement expanded US training for Ukrainian forces starting this month that will focus on larger-scale manoeuvres, she said.

“We are positioning Ukraine to be able to move forward and retake territory,” Cooper added.

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