Shameful: The So-Called Security Operatives In Imo State Extorting From Citizens

By NewsBits

Everywhere in the Southeast, security operatives have continued to hide under the deplorable insecurity in the zone to commit all sorts of atrocities, especially on the roads. They extort money with impunity, harass, intimidate, delay, and cause untold traffic and hardship to road users this festive period.

Hear our roving camera man captured this operative live extorting money from motorists yesterday December 27, 2022, along Mbaise – Owerri Road, not far away from the famous Owerri Shoprite. It was so bad that the security operative had the effrontery to be negotiating the amount and give change if the motorist does not have the Naira denomination. All his pockets are all bulging out as a result of the bribes he collected as at the time this photograph was taken around 2:00p.m.  

It is high time the authorities did something about this shameful practice, which has become the norm all over the Southeast.

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