Soldiers In Charge Of Kuje Prison Were Removed 24hrs Before Attack

Security Sources on Wednesday revealed that soldiers deployed to Kuje vicinity and the Correctional Center’s enviroment, who had mastered the terrain and acclamitised, were moved out and redeployed 24 hours before terrorists attacked the famous Kuje Prison in Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of political power.

The source wondered why it is 24 hours after troop’s who had come to understand the vicinity were withdrawn and new ones who were yet to settle in arrived that the terrorists struck. However, Vanguard newspaper was told that the period that the soldiers were supposed to stay in that deployment had elapsed and they were due for rotation.

Meanwhile, security sources also informed the newspaper that the terrorists were able to beat checkpoints mounted by security agencies through the use of motorcycles. One source said that when the terrorists wanted to commence the operation, they opened volleys of bullets sporadically, which made many residents take to their heels thus clearing the way for the terrorists to carry out the illicit operation, which remains a big insult to Nigeria and its highly compromised security system.

Source: Vanguard

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