Tanzania Bans Celebrities From Sharing Nude Photos On Social Media

Latest news reaching us has it the Tanzania has banned celebrities, models and video vixens from posting nude pictures on social media. The government announced this through the ‘Music Regulatory Board, BASATA. The reports have it that the government compiled a list of socialites and video vixens who share their semi-nude photos on their social media pages and placed all of them under observation. Those affected by the ban include Musicians like Gigy Money, Pretty Kind, Model Sanchoka, Video Vixen Amber Lulu among others. According to the Executive Secretary of the board, those affected by the ban would not be allowed to do music for a period of six months.

However, actress Susan Michael aka Pretty Kind was the first person to be summoned by the Magufuli’s government for posting nude photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The Tanzania Assistant Minister of Information, Culture and Arts, Ms. Juliana Shonza, said the government was doing this to protect their morals and values as a society. According to her, “An artist ought to have decent dressing in his/her work. An artist needs to be registered in order to do music in Tanzania and in a case where he/she goes against the laws of decent dressing, then he/she shall be banned from doing music for a period of not less than six months.”

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